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Dr. Shirley Schaye
Dr. Shirley Schaye, Doctor
Category: Parenting
Satisfied Customers: 1673
Experience:  PhD-Psych; Certif. Psychoanalyst NPAP& NYFS; Memb.APsaA;IPA; Pub.Author; Teach/Supervise Therapy
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I have a 16 years old girl. She is very moody. I dont know

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I have a 16 years old girl. She is very moody. I don't know how to talk to her. I need someone to help .If any home counselor in NY?

earthsister :

Good evening. I would like to assist you today if I can. How long has she been moody like this.

earthsister :

The first and most important step in establishing communication between you and your daughter is for you to keep your own emotions in control. It is important that as her mother, you lead by example in showing your daughter the right ways to handle things, which is often more effective than trying to tell your child. Always let your daughter know that you are there to listen (most importantly) and talk to her whenever she is ready. Pick times when all is peaceful, perhaps you too are out shopping or enjoying lunch together to ask her questions, with no pressure, about how everything is going in her life (and I recommend having one on one outings with her, to spend time, talk, and reassure her that you care about what's going on with her).

earthsister :

and pardon me for assuming that you are the mother...

earthsister :

Give your daughter plenty of praise with whatever you can: her grades in school, how well she helped clean the house, how well her hair looks, and so on. If you can get your daughter involved in activity that she enjoys (dancing, singing, playing an instrument, sports, etc.) this would be good. As the article that I am attaching recommends, getting your daughter a mentor may be of aid to her at this time also. The teen years can be very difficult on children (most especially girls) as so many things in their bodies and minds are developing rapidly. Here is the article that I mentioned:

earthsister :

If you think necessary, counseling may also be an alternative for your family. Here is a link to family counselors in the New York City area:

JACUSTOMER-8ukqqeqc- :

I'm not good in chatting. I feel she needs to see psycologist now. that why I asked for home counselor.

earthsister :

I do understand. The link that I provided above has a plentiful list of family counselors in the New York state area (many who provide home therapy as well). You can put in your zip code, and search for the family counselor of your needs. I would definitely recommend researching them, and finding one who will best suite the needs of your family. If there is any other way that I can be of assistance to you on this, or any other parenting issue, please message for "earthsister." I wish you and your family the best.

JACUSTOMER-8ukqqeqc- :

I need someone come to my home for counseling

earthsister :

Definitely check out that link. I am sure you can find what you need there.

earthsister :

Here is one more link from the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, where you can search your area for a counselor that will come to your home and work with your family:

I agree with some of the things that earth sister has recommended for you to do. My name isXXXXX and I live in New York City. I am a psychotherapist, psychoanalyst with 17 years of education in the mental health field. I can say that with my training that you want to be sure to get a person who has specific training with children and adolescents and not a family therapist. So, too, if you go to the web site of goodtherapy you want to be sure that the therapist is trained in child/adolescent therapy. I understand that you have asked for a psychologist to come to your home but frankly that matters less than having someone who is properly trained in adolescent therapy. Since I live in NYC, I would be glad to ask around for you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
thank you!

It's very hard to start therapy for her because she refused to go to the office.At less the person come to my home might help her to get out of my house for therapy.After that. A psychologist can start therapy. If I can get a adolescent psychologist to help it would be A plus.
Let me send something out to my therapists child/adolescent list serv and see if anyone would be willing to make a home visit. Where in New York do you live --- of course, I will be asked that and how much per session can you afford. When I have that information I will send it off and see if I get any responses.
I will wait to hear back from you.
Dr. Shirley Schaye, Doctor
Category: Parenting
Satisfied Customers: 1673
Experience: PhD-Psych; Certif. Psychoanalyst NPAP& NYFS; Memb.APsaA;IPA; Pub.Author; Teach/Supervise Therapy
Dr. Shirley Schaye and other Parenting Specialists are ready to help you
As soon as I get your information I will send the request out and then forward to you any responses I get. So, again, take a look at what I asked and I'll send your request out.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I can pay up to $300 per session for the home visit. I also have medical coverage.
Where in New York do you live so that I may send that request out. I don't need an exact address but if you live3 in Manhattan, where ? Upper East, Upper West, East Village, West Village, etc. Be specific about area so I can look for someone.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I live in Marine park , Brooklyn.
Let me send out a request to see i8f I can find someone. I do have to say that I don't know if anyone will make a home visit but I will try. I'm just thinking ... ... maybe what I should do i8s send you the name of someone, then you contact them and maybe you go to see them in their office. Then maybe they will be more open to doing a home visit after they have seen you in their office. I say this because we may not find someone who will want to make a home visit not knowing you. What do you think about that?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Ok, I sent out a request. AS soon as I get a response I will pass it on to you.

Looking for an adolescent therapist to see a 16 year old in Marine Park Brooklyn,11234. Don't know anything about her. Mom describes her as moody. She would, perhaps, like someone to come to the home first, as she may not succeed in getting her daughter to go to a therapist's office.

Just keeping you up-to-date. I heard back from Kim who is the Chairperson of the Child and Adolescent programme. Here's her response.

Ok shirley!
Hope you are well.

Kim will now send it out to therapists --- but ONLY child and adolescent trained therapists.

Again, I'll keep you posted.