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I have two Grandsons, (one 5, and one 8) and they dont hear

Resolved Question:

I have two Grandsons, (one 5, and one 8) and they don't hear when they Mother asks something of them, more accurately they ignore her, untill Mother starts shouting. I do not like that. I have not spoken to her about that, because I have no answer or remedy to this problem.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  proexpert37 replied 5 years ago.
Hello and Thank You for using Just Answer. Is this your daughter or daughter in law you bare referring to? Is there a dad living in the house? Are the boys that unruly or is that just how she disciplines them? Thank you.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The Mother is my Daughter-in-law and yes there is a Father there, he is working during the day. The boys are not unruly, just don't do what they are told. I.e. "Put your shoes on, we are going out" Takes long time to get a respons. 10 Minutes later, I say "I am going, By by" Then they move, when I am out of the house. Mummy, by then, is shouting. I am gritting my teeth. I don't say anything, but I don't like the shouting. Am I expecting too much, if I want quicker response, from the boys? This is just one example, but that is happening many times during the day
Expert:  proexpert37 replied 5 years ago.
Your daughter in law's style of discipline is obviously very different from yours. Have you tried talking to your son about it? That would be the first step. You can approach him and say, " I have noticed that the boys do not listen to their mom even when she is yelling at them. Does that concern you?". Then see how he responds. If he says that he will bring it to her attention then that is a step in the right direction. You can tell your son that when your daughter in law yells at the kids, they have learned to tune her out. When she asks them to do something, she needs to have the boys repeat the task to be accomplished. Then wait a minute to see if they react. If they comply with her requests, then perfect. If they do not, then she must enforce consequences. Limit tv or computer time. Limit play time with friends. Whatever they enjoy should be curtailed. They can earn the things back through first time obedience of following through in parental requests/ demands.

Hope this provides you with some direction. Have a great day.
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