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my partner is 47, I am 34. we have been together for two years

Resolved Question:

my partner is 47, I am 34. we have been together for two years and have just bought a home together. He has 2 children, one is 13, the other is 15. I have known the children (more so the daughter,13) for awhile, they did not know we were together. (we didn't want them involved until the relationship was a for sure thing, as the separation of their parents was alot for them to handle). the daughter and I have a great relationship, there's no problem. I'm intimidated abou the 15 yr old son. He is going through typical teenager growing and behavior. I'm so set in my head that he is going to hate me that I've avoided making contact with him. We are moving soon and I need to approach this situation ASAP. I have experience being a teenager with divorced parents but this is my first time being the girlfriend of a separated parent. Help!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  proexpert37 replied 5 years ago.

Hello and Thank You for using Just Answer. Just to give you a heads up, 15 year olds boys can be very moody. They can be the nicest and loving child one day and then mad at the world the next day. They also think they know everything about anything and are not afraid to challenge your judgment.


To assist you in dealing with the 15 year old, first of all get rid fear. If the boy senses that you are in any way fearful of him, he will walk all over you and try to manipulate you every chance he can get. Just be as loving and supportive as you can. Set boundaries along with his dad and be firm and consistent. Do not be afraid to enforce consequences. Do not talk down to him. Talk with him and to him. Also give him a chance to voice his opinions but the parental figure has the final say.


You will be fine. Just develop the courage and mental fortitude to spread your wings and be a great person in this boy's life.

Do not be so hard on yourself. You can do it!!!!Smile
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