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My youngest son is just 16 years old. His father and I split

Customer Question

My youngest son is just 16 years old. His father and I split 6 ears ago. We also have 2 older sons aged 25 and 26. My boys wanted to live with their dad and since I worked shift work, I was o.k. with that. My 16 year old comes to visit me whenever and my ex and I have a good relationship. After 2 years dating a woman, he decided to move in with her in our hometown. That leaves the 3 boys living in the home without him. The 25 and 26 yearold have their own lives, girlfriends, jobs. but my 16 year old is now at his home without an actual parent there. He plays a lot of video games and I'm at least happy that he doesn't run the streets. He works on weekends and get's average marks in school. I have him come to my place a few times a week, where he still plays a lot of video games. he seems distant and I worry that because he doesn't have a parent @ his place to interact with he will be damaged in some way. His brothers get him dinner and make sure his laundry is done, etc. but this is not an ideal situation to me. Am I wrong or could this damage my son?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  proexpert37 replied 6 years ago.
Hello and Thank you for using Just Answer. It sounds like your 16 year old is a great kid with a good head on his shoulders so to speak. I must say that he is at the age where video games will rule his life for hours and hours. As long as he is doing well or fairly well in school and still interacts with friends from time to time, then you should not be overly concerned. However, if he has become a recluse and only plays video games in his spare time, then his brothers may need to step up their "parenting" role and include him in some of their activities. Additionally as the mother, make sure that you keep communicating with him weekly.