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Hello, Im back with a question regarding my 16yr old son again.

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Hello, I'm back with a question regarding my 16yr old son again. This is the situation and I'm not sure wether to ask him about it or it's normal just let it go: My husband is going to the gym and my son is going to the gym, my husband (and he is Johns dad, not a step situation) asks him you want a ride? he says nah. My husband leaves and my son comes to me asks "do you have two dollars for the bus?" I say John you could have just gone with dad AND he would have drove your friends TOO!!! What's the story?! He says "i didnt want to go with him". This makes me feel awful that he couldnt even take a ride with his father to the gym ? he's rather take public transportation? I called my husband and said make a point to say hi to him and his friends and you could even talk to his friends. I'ts such so frustrating, he will never offer our services o his friends, as we have offered plaenty of times to drive them places, the only time I was able to drive him somehwere was when I had chatted wit one of the kids mom and arranged a car pool thing for taking the boys to football practice?? I just dont get it, it hurts my feelings, my husband is better able to deal with some of his ways but come's only a ride. Maybe he thinks I'm gonna start singing in the car or something LOL. Is he normal?? Help and Thanks

Hello again. Your son is at the age where he is simply asserting his independence. Do not take it personal. He loves you and your husband and needs both of you. But he is at the age where he does not wish to have his parents around all of the time. He may not want to go out to dinner with the family much or attend family functions. This type of behavior is completely normal. There is nothing that you have done wrong at all. Just continue to be the loving and supportive parents and remain interested and concerned about his whereabouts. He just needs and likes his space now. Additionally, he is probably more interested in computer games, television, and texting and talking on a cell phone than spending time with you. Just let it go. All teen age boys are going through this same phase. This too will one day pass.Laughing

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