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Dr. Keane
Dr. Keane, Family Counselor
Category: Parenting
Satisfied Customers: 1764
Experience:  Parenting Workshops, Teacher, PHD Clinical Psychology, 30 yrs. Exp. 4 Children
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am i within my rights to stop my daughters father taking them

Customer Question

am i within my rights to stop my daughters father taking them if i feel he is under the influence of alcohol?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  Dr. Keane replied 6 years ago.

Dr. Keane :

I can help you with this today

Expert:  Dr. Keane replied 6 years ago.

Hi ,Let me start by saying that your children's safety comes first and foremost. However, if he is under the influence in such a way that he isn't able to properly care for them then you should be concerned about their safety and go through the proper channels to keep them away unless or until he understands that he cannot behave like this when he has the children. You may need to speak to the authorities but make sure you are certain he is intoxicated. I advise parents to put together their own agreements if needed that states no drinking or drugs while children are under their care. I hope this help.

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