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what is normal sexual behavior for adolescent boys my

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what is normal sexual behavior for adolescent boys? (13 yrs.old both) my son was asleep and while he was asleep, his cousin was masturbating in the same bed. my son's back was turned away from him, is this a bold move or should i be concerned about underlying behaviors?
Does the child have any other behaviors that concern you? Does his parents know?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
as far as what kind of other behaviors? such as using vulgar words? what does seem to bother me a bit is that he's borderline obsessive about my son. he wants to be just like him-in every way. from what my aunt says he's constantly talking about him. he constantly calling him, he wants to dress like him, be where he's at, etc, etc. the other thing that is of concern is him constantly trying to influence him. for instant, he told my son that they needed to make a pact to lose their virginity by the time they left for college. my son was not comfortable and hesitant with it. he seems to bring some sexual content influence.
no his parents don't know. his parents are divorced and i has asked to have the "birds and the bees" talk with him, which i did.
though i know at this age, their curiousity is high, i'm questioning whether it was a normal behavior and just bold, i tend to think that it may be more normal to exhibit this in a situation where you have more privacy. hey may of asked him for them to do it together, in the dark so they couldn't see each other-that i'm not definitive on that yet.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i would note that my son doesn't know he did it there in his bed while he was asleep. i know he knows he masturbates because we had that conversation, but should i even tell him?
I would have concerns over the cousin talking about these things. He knows way too much for his age and unfortunately he knows alot of misinformation. 2 things need to happen. 1) Have open dialog with your son about appropriate boundaries and sexual behaviors. 2) Talk to the cousin's parents and let them know what is being said and done by their son and that they need to talk to him as well. You don't need to tell your son what the cousin does but talk to him in a general way about what would be appropriate and inappropriate behavior of others and what he should do when he feels uncomfortable.
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