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My daughter is married with three children. The boys are 9

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My daughter is married with three children. The boys are 9 year old twins. She and her husband also have a little girl 20 months old. The boys are not her husband's children. One of the twins has possibly been sexually molesting his little sister. While playing with her today, he got an erection while she was wrestling with her on the floor. My son-in-law saw this and was extremely upset. Nobody has spoken to my grandson yet and we don't know what to do or how to go about it. Please help. After hearing about this, my daugter admitted that she has had some "feelings" that this could possibly be a problem so she watches and makes sure that her son does not take the baby to the restroom or help change her clothes. How do we take care of both of the children to make sure that it doesn't happen anymore and that nothing has happend to my grandson to cause him to do this? I need quick answers NOW...HELP!!

Good Morning,


A child can have an erection (erection can even occur in utero) The issue here is whether or not you and the parents absolutely suspect that something had taken places such as molestation, digital penetration, etc.


Some things the family can do is to 1/ install a hidden nanny camera 2/ ensure that the two of them are never left alone, 3/ have the daughter examined, 4/ talk to the boy and if needed bring him to see a psychologist.

Signs to look for

At this point speculations would not be helful to the parents. They would have to refrain from asking the son leading questions.


If it is absolutely confirmed that the boy had dones something, then he will need to work with a specialist not a generalist (it is not recommended that this something you or the parents should try to remedy on their own)



The Right Touch: A Read-Aloud Story to Help Prevent Child Sexual Abuse (Jody Bergsma Collection) [Hardcover]

Sandy Kleven Sandy Kleven (Author) Jody Bergsma (Illustrator)

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