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My five year old son gets quite dramatic when he is told not

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My five year old son gets quite dramatic when he is told not to do something e.g. if I tell him he is being disrespectful when he is talking to me, he gets upset and says he is not a useful person. Or if I tell him he is not going on the computer today he will say 'what I'm never going to use the computer again'. This is new behaviour.
Oh boy this is so common it is quite hilarious what kids will say to get their way. Basically what you do is set clear limits with him and stick to the consequences. No need to lecture him or try to reason with him. He is looking for a battle/reaction with you so don't give it to him. But be specific about what behavior you do not like. Saying he is disrespectful is vague so be more specific. Tell him that he is not to interrupt, not yell, etc. And if he does behave innapropriately then there needs to be a clear and consistent consequence. Stick to this game plan and he will learn that he cannot get his way no matter what he tries.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
So you believe he is manipulating rather than his self esteem is shakey?
I think there is some manipulation going on. If you are praising him during the day when he does something good then that should take care of the self-esteem.
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