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my 12 year old daughter told me she allowed the dog to lick

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my 12 year old daughter told me she allowed the dog to lick her privates. Is this normal behaviour or should I be concerned? She said it happened a few months ago when she was eleven. She says she hasn't done it since, but I don't know if that is true. Please help me.
Hello and welcome to Just Answer!

Does she say why she let it happen?

Has her and anyone discussed something like this, a friend, or could she have seen something? A movie, etc..
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi, and thanks for taking the time to read my question. As you can imagine I am a bit freaked out about this. I think she was holding it in for a long time and just couldn't take the guilt of it anymore. I know that she is overwhelmed by developing into a woman and all the sexual issues, boys, sexual feelings etc. I personally think she was just experimenting, but I am not sure. My fear is that she will still do it and that's a whole kettle of fish that I don't know how to deal with. I don't want her to get a rash or infection either. I also am afraid to leave her alone with the dog, even though she swears she will never do that again. My husband thinks it is just curiousity and that we should not freak out about it. I appreciate your reply.
Your husband is correct, don't freak out. But to be on the serious side of this, she has had to of heard about this type of sexual behavior somewhere.

What I would do is explain to her, that its not a thing that she should be trying and ask her why she did it, let her know that she could catch rashes or a sickness doing things with an animal. If she felt guilty enough to discuss it with you then she knows its not appropriate behavior and shouldn't try it again, if its just experimentation on her part, she may try it again. But you can't always be there, as she grows older, if she chooses to try it again there is little you can do, except be there for her, let her know there is nothing you will ever be ashamed of her for and she can discuss anything with you!

But at her age, if you can get through to her that its not a good thing to do and it may harm her, then she should stop!

These days our kids are being exposed to all sorts of behavior and talking about sex with other girls is a normal thing, they know much more than I did at this age, so it would also be good to find out who has talked about this with her, if she won't tell, don't push, because she will figure you will be mad at her friend and it will defeat the purpose.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi danny541, you don't know what a relief it was to discuss this with someone. I will definitely use this website and your advice again. Thanks again.
Please feel free to ask for me anytime you need a little advice or just someone to discuss these things or parenting issues with!