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Here, are my lab reports my Dr. called and referred me to a

Customer Question

Here, are my lab reports my Dr. called and referred me to a Hematologist what could my results mean?.
RBC 5.63 3.77-5.28 X10E6/UL Above High Normal
MCV 68 79-97 FL Below Low Normal Final 01
MCH 22.6 26.6-33.0 PG Below Low Normal
RDW 16.7 12.3-15.4 % Above High Normal
HGB A 54.2 94.0-98.0 % Below Low Normal
HGB A2 NOTE: 0.7-3.1 % Final 01
HGB VARIANT 45.8 0.0 % Above High Normal Final 01
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Oncology
Expert:  Dr. Frank replied 11 months ago.
Hello. Welcome to JA. Are you from the middle east or black? You have a few abnormalities in your blood work.1) Your red blood cells are increased in number, but they are very small. The amount of hemoglobin, the protein that carries oxygen is reduced in each red blood cell. Your RDW which is the variability of size of the red blood cells is also increased. So that suggests that your red blood cells are not carrying sufficient oxygen to your extremities, and would be a reason for your hand turning blue.2) Your hemoglobin electrophoresis is also abnormal. Do you have anything else in that report? Did they do a cytohistological evaluation? Get back to me I will send more information about these findings. Do you have any family history of hematological disorders like shortness of breath, anemia? Dr Frank
Expert:  Dr. Frank replied 11 months ago.
From what I can research with this information provided, you could have alpha thalassemia, a type of hemoglobinopathy. This is a familial condition where the type of hemoglobin in each red blood cell is abnormal. Patients with this problem can have conditions such as asthsma, or be short of breath. This is a complicated problem, and you may need further DNA testing to determine the exact condition, there are 4 variants of alpha thalassemia. Your parents should also be checked as they can carry the gene yet not have symptoms. I will attach a webpage from John's Hopkins Univ. on this condition. Your hematologist is going to be able to look at your red cells in the microscope, and do additional studies to give you an answer. Please get back to me with questions and I will reply, or if satisfied with this answer, please remember to rate this service by clicking on the rating stars, as that is how I am compensated for this work thanks *****,P00074/
Expert:  Dr. David replied 11 months ago.
This is Dr. DavidI am a cancer doctor.hemoglobin levels are low.MCV is lowthis is a sign for iron deficiency anemia.your ferritin levels and iron and TIBC total iron binding proteins need to be checked.I doubt you have thallasemia.Hemoglobin A2 (Hb A2) values of 3.5% to 9% are found in beta-thalassemia traityour test didn't show that.I would ask your doctor to check your ferritin and iron stored might need a pulmonary function test to check for shortness of breathanxiety symptoms can cause you to feel short of breath.PT/PTT/INR coagulation testing can check your blood's clotting ability and bleeding disorder? was this normal?you could have hit yourself on your chest at night time time by accident to cause a bruise if it looks like a bruise and is a lump there and is tender. have you tried to ice the area to decrease swelling and pain?

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