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Oldsmobile Intrigue: I have a 1999 Olds Intrigue. It is blowing

Customer Question

I have a 1999 Olds Intrigue. It is blowing wrm air on driver's side and cool (correct) air on pass side. I have replaced the driver side actuator door but problem still exists.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Oldsmobile
Expert:  Tim Mohr replied 1 year ago.
Hi, my name is ***** ***** have seen where the actual door breaks inside the heater box, and causes this, have you remove the actuator and manually moved the door to see if it cools?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I did not check the actual movement of the door itself - there is very, very limited space from which to work or access this HVAC area. However, I have replaced the actuator control w/AC Delco part and problem still exists. I can move the temp adj and the air will heat-up on both sides (I have console, radio, center dash ducts removed). I can also work just the driver's side temp control and it will heat just that duct. But when move to cool temp it never gets as cold as Pass side (duct). I feel the door is working since I can manipulate some air temp change. How much door movement, I don't know. Maybe the old actuator mis-positioned the door? There was a series of 'clicks' that came from this area quite some time ago. I just can't correlate those clicks to when the AC temp began to vary between Dr and Pass sides. I am taking the car to a local AC repair shop that has done work for me in the past. Very knowledgeable and reputable. From another post elsewhere I read where a low charge can cause similar symptoms. You can view it here:
Expert:  Tim Mohr replied 1 year ago.
that is why we need to verify if the door is opening and closing manually, if it is, then it could be a low refrigerant, if it does not, then it is a break in the door internally, and if you heard clicking under the dash previously, then this is most likely the problem,Tim