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Dr. Mo
Dr. Mo, Board Certified MD
Category: OB GYN
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I just removed my IUD on March 24,2016 I have not had any

Customer Question

I just removed my IUD on March 24,2016 I have not had any periods after the IUD was removed and so I am looking to get answers for my health on what should I do cause I have been bleeding for two weeks now but I was in so much pain the first week and when I cleaned myself I was wondering why was I bleeding blood clots first time I took a picture of it I just don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t know what it could be an I am still bleeding and it doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t smell like a period it has no smell and it like really dark brown blood please help me figure out what should I do and yes I have a husband we are just wondering what should I do.
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr. Mo replied 1 month ago.

Hi Dr. Ashori here.

Have you checked to make sure you aren't pregnant?

Also, how is the pain, is it getting better or worse?

Expert:  Dr. Mo replied 1 month ago.

It's common after removal of an IUD to not get your period for a few months.

Especially if it was hormone coated IUD, then you might get an irregular period first either with excess bleeding or spotting before the normal period starts.

Expert:  Dr. Mo replied 1 month ago.

If you have pictures of the blood and clots upload them so that I can make sure it's nothing abnormal.

You can start taking higher dose anti-inflammatories like naproxen or ibuprofen which can stabilize the endometrium and help you get back to a normal period.

Expert:  Dr. Mo replied 1 month ago.

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Dr. Ashori

Expert:  Dr. Mo replied 1 month ago.

You could also start on birth control pills for 1-2 weeks until the bleeding is controlled but I would recommend just waiting it out, usually the bleeding will normalize.

Expert:  Dr. Mo replied 1 month ago.

Hope the information I provided was helpful.

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