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I am currently 31 weeks pregnant with complete placenta

Customer Question

I am currently 31 weeks pregnant with complete placenta previa with one previous c section 23 months ago. I had an ultrasound today and it appears it may be an accreta as well as having some bladder involvement but nothing definitive. I am scheduled for an MRI and a urology consult and am being treated at Mass General Hospital in Boston. My baby is doing well measuring 4 pounds 12 ounces thankfully. I have been on modified bed rest since 23 weeks
I am finding myself in complete terror of losing my life as well of thoughts of needing a catheter forever and worried it will have invaded other organs. I am prepared for the hysterectomy but hope to keep my ovaries. Is is reasonable to hope all will be ok because they are prepared for my case? I am so afraid of having residual life long problems from this.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr. C. replied 1 year ago.
Hi and welcome to the site. My name is***** hope I'm able to provide some helpful medical information for you today.
The most important predictor of a good outcome is the doctors knowing what they are dealing with ahead of time and preparing for it. Worse outcomes are found when the providers are not anticipating trouble and it happens without preparation.
Your doctor is forward thinking in getting as much information ahead of time and a urologist involved from the start. This is really a sign that you're in very capable hands.
Often things turn out not to be as bad as we planned for. But having the right doctors there from the start means that no matter what, the outcome will be as good as it can be.
It's VERY unlikely that you'll loose your life. You are going to be delivered in a hospital that has a planned massive blood loss program in place. The urologist is the best person to ask about the likelihood of needing a catheter either temporarily or longer term. He or she may be able to review the images ahead of time to get a sense.
It is absolutely reasonable to hope that all will be ok because they will be very well prepared for the worst case scenario even if you situation turns out to be less than they are preparing for (which most likely is true).
I hope this was reassuring. Good luck and I'm glad that you are in good hands.