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Dr.M.D.Mazumdar, Doctor
Category: OB GYN
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Experience:  MD (Obst&Gynecology)
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I have a few tiny blood blisters on my vulva. One seems painful...but

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I have a few tiny blood blisters on my vulva. One seems painful...but not to touch. My doctor said nothing is wrong with me. I went to the ER and they tested me for UTI, yeast infection and all diseases and everything came back clear. However, just one little area on the outside of my major labia hurts. Like the hair is being pulled severely and there is a little blood blister there as well. Any advice is appreciated.

Welcome and thank you for your question. I am Dr.Mazumdar and I hope I'm able to help you with your medical problem today.

I assume that you have been tested for herpes along with the other STDs and that it has been ruled out.

Blood blisters are very common on the vulva, especially in women in their forties and fifties. they are believe to occur due to a slight thinning of the skin as well as the veins becoming more fragile and rupturing on mild pressure.

But painful blisters can indicate the presence of an infection. Infection generally occurs either in the hair roots or in the sebaceous glands on the vulva and this inflammation can cause the occurrance of blood blisters.

Since STDs have been ruled out, you have no cause for concern.

Please try applying a warm pack on the painful blister for 10 minutes twice a day. Also take ibuprofen 200 mg thrice a day for 3 days. This should help clear up the pain as well as the blisters.

I hope this helps.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Should I go back to my doctor and ask for an antibiotic?

No, I do not think that an antibiotic is required at the moment. Please try the ibuprofen and warm pack, if you see no improvement in another 5 days, please consult your doctor again for an antibiotic.