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How does removal of the cervix affect a womans level of pleasure

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How does removal of the cervix affect a woman's level of pleasure during sex as well as
her ability to have an orgasm ? Is the length of the vagina decreased since there has to
be stitches and a "wall" created when the cervix is no longer there ? Does removal of
the cervix also cause physical discomfort during sex ? Can the vagina be physically
damaged when a vaginal hysterectomy is performed ?

Bio-identical hormones sound like the best option for hrt. Do you agree ? What is the
best source for these ?

Thank you for your time.
Hello, and I am pleased to help, use of my answers are for educational purposes only.
Removal of the cervix should NOT affect pleasure during intercourse as there have been many studies over the years saying that it does NOT affect you having an orgasm, it does not affect libido, but there are plenty of 'Lay' websites that say otherwise.
The length of the vagina SHOULD not be shortened IF the surgery is done correctly, so this is really not something that should be a concern, but UNLESS you are having this done for cancer, then the length of the vaginal canal should not be shortened.
When all is healed, there should be no difference from previously - and usually by about 6 weeks post operation - your vagina should feel normal.
When you remove the cervix there should be NO discomfort during sex.
NO, a vaginal hysterectomy does NOT injure the vagina.
And as far as hormones - since you are menopausal AND you will be without a uterus, you do NOT need a progesterone with the estrogen - which means you ONLY need estrogen (in the form of Estradiol ONLY) - and without progesterone, you will NOT be at increased risk of breast cancer with use of Estradiol ALONE.
Also, as far as bioidenticals - you can use them, but you ONLY need Estradiol, YOU DO NOT need Estrone, Estriol, or any progesterone.
And, a simple way of getting Estradiol is by the patch such as Climara - usually 0.05mg changed per week - or you can use a bioidentical estradiol (which when you look at it chemically, it is the exact same thing, but you pay more for the 'bioidentical' just because it 'says' bioidentical.

I hope this helps, Please click on ACCEPT, thank you for your questions. They were very good questions.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thank you for your response, I understand that not everything on the internet is

necsssarily true, so that is why I wanted a second expert consultation. After reading

your response, that prompts a few more questions. Approximately how thick is

the "wall" that is now at the end of the vagina since the cervix is no longer there ?

Since you say the length is not affected, does that mean the end of the cervix was

left in place to help form the wall or are you saying there is vaginal tissue that overlaps

with the cervix which is used to form the wall ?


Re the hrt, I was considering more than estrogen in order to have my body function as

it did before the hysterectomy. I don't want all the bad side effects including weight

gain, hair loss, depression, anxiety, vaginal dryness, etc that can occur. I understand

there are pills to insert in the vagina to help counteract the dryness. Is that accurate ?

Does that happen because the cervix is no longer there to produce fluids or is that

a result of the lack of hormones ?


I appreciate you answering these related questions.

Thank you.


The 'wall' at the top of the vagina - we call the APEX - it is actually fairly thick because we incorporate the 'utero-sacral' ligaments that USE to hold the cervix /uterus in place - and this then hold the top of the vagina in place - so it very thick.
The cervix usually comes 'down' a bit INTO the vagina - so the vaginal walls that surrounded the cervix are approximated together with the ligaments - it is really a 3-dimensional picture - and sometimes hard to understand - I teach residents how to do surgery in the vagina - and it is very difficult thing to comprehend at first. But the top of the vaginal tissue essentially 're-form' the area where the cervix use to be.
Yes, estradiol pills HELP the healing process and to keep you from getting dry.
Also, Progesterone is usually the Biggest problem with weight gain, depression, and hair loss where as Estradiol should be protective - so there are a LOT of benefits to NOT taking progesterone when you do not need (and you do not without a uterus).
I hope this all helps, PLease click on ACCEPT as this is how Just Answer compensates us in answering your questions, Thank you very much.
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