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i have this paper cut like feel cuts on vagina What is the

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i have this paper cut like feel cuts on vagina What is the best treatment for this? ... In these days I can hardly wash my vagina or touch it as the cuts feel very very very painful. diabetic t2 take insulin and pills i already had std tested im cleard for all including herpes
Hello! My name isXXXXX and I will take the time to answer your question =)

Lesions on your vagina can be from a number of things. If you recently had rough sex then it is very likely that is what it is from. If this is the case, I recommend "pelvic rest"-- ie, nothing in the vagina for the next couple of weeks until everything heals.

There are other possibilities as well depending on what these "cuts" look like. It is also possible that you could have herpes (hard for me to say without looking myself). If you have any worries about the possibility of this STD then you need to be seen by a doctor and have him or her swab the lesions and send it for culture to tell you for sure. If it is herpes, there is no cure but there are medications we have that can help suppress outbreaks and shorten this one (if that's what it is).

In the meantime, if it is just cuts, then I would call your doctor and ask for a topical lidocaine jelly prescription. This will basically help numb the area for you so that you can wash it, etc. Also, when you pee-- if the urine (which is acidic) touches the cuts it will burn. What people can do to help relieve this is use a spray bottle as you pee to dilute the urine and make it less acidic when it touches those areas (we often do this for women after vaginal delivery with cuts). You may also find relief in "sitz" baths-- basically a warm soak (with epsom salts if you like) that you just soak your bottom in. Additionally, the vagina typically heals very quickly and I imagine this will be cleared up in the next three days or so. You can also try ice packs on the area as well if the pain is really bad.

Hope this helps! Take care and please click accept so that I may receive credit for my time. Bonuses and/or feedback are always appreciated. Thanks!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok i already know is not an std or herpes cuz i already took the tests and my parter too and this happened after intercourse with him last sunday i noticed and felt the cuts like 3 days ago but the pain is so bad and strong i can hardly walk bcuz i looked with a mirror and the cuts are like half of and inch on each side and bcuz i was scratching at first well i guess i made it worse i just need something strong for the pain cuz i havent slept
Yes, based on that information it does sound like it certainly is from some trauma after sex. Sometimes we sew cuts like that back together because it can take them awhile to heal-- but since this happened a couple of days ago that would not be the best option based on infection risks. The vagina does a good job healing so I'm sure in the end it will turn out ok-- but to get you through the next couple of days if Advil is not cutting it then you will either need something topical (like lidocaine jelly) or a stronger pain med like percocet-you will have to get both of these Rx from your doctor.
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