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I have a 2003 nissan maxima 3.5l i am trying to replave the

Customer Question

i have a 2003 nissan maxima 3.5l
i am trying to replave the radiator and i am hung up on getting the serentine belt off.
i loosend the tensioner and its still to tight ,
the bolt on the idler on the car is rusted and a little stripped .
do i need to try to loosen that as Well .??
Submitted: 6 days ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Cary York replied 6 days ago.

Hi, I’m Cary and I’ll be helping you today.
Please understand that I can't smell, hear, or touch the vehicle, so patience is appreciated. Before leaving the site make sure and leave me a rating. You can still reply to me as many times as needed, even after the rating..

Is it the belt for the alt. and A/C? Or is it the P/S belt?

Customer: replied 6 days ago.
ac and air .
the tenioner on the top is loosend but that bolt on the idler is stuck and almost stripped now .
Expert:  Cary York replied 6 days ago.

Does it look like the one in the top right of this diagram?

Expert:  Cary York replied 6 days ago.

Is the outside of the nut in the center of the pulley?

Customer: replied 6 days ago.
Expert:  Cary York replied 6 days ago.

I believe the nut size is 14mm is that correct?

Customer: replied 6 days ago.
it was yes .
Expert:  Cary York replied 6 days ago.

Is it too rounded of to use a wrench or socket on it now?

Customer: replied 6 days ago.
its thru the wheel well. and that one is right behind the frame , so its limited options .
Expert:  Cary York replied 6 days ago.

So the nut is rounded off on the outer edge and a wrench will not bite?

Customer: replied 6 days ago.
this little guy
Expert:  Cary York replied 6 days ago.

Here are some options. If you have a 6 point wrench instead of a 12 point wrench that may help. Yea I see the picture. If you have something to heat it up with (torch) that may help.

Customer: replied 6 days ago.
this is a stock pic before i rounded the bolt .
will not bite . i tried vice grips but they seeem to slip as well.
i think if i had a bigger pair maybe .
Customer: replied 6 days ago.
have to run to the store . be back in 15 .
Expert:  Cary York replied 6 days ago.

I have had to use a pipe wrench before. The nice thing about a pipe wrench is the harder you try and turn the nut the tighter the grip gets.

Customer: replied 6 days ago.
yea , i tried a little but the belt is on that and started smoking
Customer: replied 6 days ago.
how can i just brake it loose and buy a new one >>?
Expert:  Cary York replied 6 days ago.

Do you have air tools or a torch?

Expert:  Cary York replied 6 days ago.

Can you get to the bolts that hold the bracket to the block? just remove bracket and all.

Customer: replied 6 days ago.
also how do get the old tensionor
off ,??
i have a small compressor 15 gal and a chisel ,
and just a propane torch
Customer: replied 6 days ago.
is that bolt on the tensionor removable or is it attached the the block ,
if i brake the nut and the bolt would i be screwed ??
Customer: replied 5 days ago.
are you still working.
i got that belt tensioner off .
Customer: replied 5 days ago.
i just need to know about the long bolt at the bottom of the alternator.
the biggest longest one bolt in the bottom of the alternator , .
the air compressor and cat are in the way off pulling it out.
any suggestions anyone ,
im sure its not to hard , this is my first time so a little support would be awesome , .
thank you
Customer: replied 5 days ago.
please close question ,
this is for a alternator not a radiator repair .
im sorry .

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