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I have a Nissan Murano cross cabriolet. Everything was fine

Customer Question

I have a Nissan Murano cross cabriolet. Everything was fine last I drove it. Put the convertible top up no problem. Next day got in it to drive and went to put the top down and the light is on and it won't go down. The trunk won't open either. It only has 11 thousand miles and I've only put 600 since I bought it. I took it to a dealer and they said they think it's the controller which just the part is 3100 plus they couldn't quote labor because they said they will have to take the whole back seat area out just to get to the trunk where the controller is. I pulled it out of there. Brought it home and opened the trunk with the key. They have never seen or worked on one before so I don't think they even know what they are talking about. How could they not know you can open it with the key? Please help any advise appreciated
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Jay replied 7 months ago.

Hello my name is ***** ***** thank you for your question.

Lets try something easy and see if that does a reset for the roof. Try disconnecting the negative battery cable for 15 mins. Then connect it and start the car. Let it run for about 5 to 10 mins and then see if the roof operations. Also let me know if you still have the original battery in the car?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Ok we will try it in the morning and let you know. Thank you
Expert:  Jay replied 7 months ago.

Your welcome. Let me know how you make out

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Good evening Jay, we tried what you suggested and nothing happened. Anything else you think we should try? I checked the fuses and those were good as well. I didn't notice before that also, when you open the door the window goes down a little like its suppose too but when you close the door it's suppose to go back up and it doesn't. So some how it must all be connected. The Nissan dealer said the hooked it up and it's the controller. But it's 3100.00 for just the part. It may very well be but upsetting that the vehicle only has 11 thousand miles and I haven't even put 500 miles on it myself since buying it. When they said they'd have to go through the back seat of the car to get into the trunk and couldn't tell me how much labor was going to be made me pull it out from there. Just because the trunk doesn't open with the button in the car or the remote it opens with the key. So they must have thought I didn't know you could still open the trunk without having to tear my car apart. Thanks for any help of suggestion you msy have.
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Oh it is still the original battery in the car. You said you wanted to know that.
Expert:  Jay replied 7 months ago.

The window operation you only need to re-program the auto up feature for the windows. That will correct the window issue. To program the auto up. Lower the window all the way down. With the doors closed, raise the window all the way up by holding the window switch up. Once the window gets to the top. Continue to hold the window switch for 5 seconds. Then release it and check the auto up feature for the window.

If the hard reset did not return the roof to normal operation, it will require a scan tool to see what is going on. I would need codes to determine direction for the convertible top at this point.

Expert:  Jay replied 7 months ago.

The reason I asked about the original battery is cause some times the convertible top can loose it's memory on it's location due to low battery voltage.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
It was scanned I don't know what the scan code was they just told us it was the controller and the part alone was 3100 dollars. I don't know if I called Nissan directly if they would do anything about this or not. I bought it from a Nissan dealer out of state and had it shipped here. I can't even get them to return my call. It was a certified vehicle I wasn't offered to buy any other warranty I assumed being certified it was bumper to bumper coverage but apparently it's not,
Expert:  Jay replied 7 months ago.

You called 1-800-Nissan-1?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
No I didn't call them! I was asking you if you thought I'd get anywhere with them if I did. The problem is there's not very many of this vehicle and in michigan where I am any Nissan dealer here has never even had one on the lot was told very rare car. So I'm guessing the dealer I did take it to they have never even worked on the convertible top before.
Expert:  Jay replied 7 months ago.


Expert:  Jay replied 7 months ago.

I would call them. You have nothing to loose by talking with them about your issue. They may recommend another dealer or even offer assistance with your issue. But the only way to really see is if you contact them.