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Kurt Kennedy
Kurt Kennedy, ASE master with L1
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2008 nissan frontier 4.0 v6 and i need to replace the power

Customer Question

2008 nissan frontier 4.0 v6 and i need to replace the power steering, it looks pretty tucked in there how do i perform this and do i need any nissan tools?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Kurt Kennedy replied 11 months ago.

Nice work on wanting to do this rack yourself. It may look pretty hard to access but its really not that bad! If your truck is a 4x4 its a little more involved but not to bad still

I attached the PDF repair instructions for repair, for the rack, and also how to drop the front final drive down if you are a 4x4.

As far as special tools, you can use a hammer to hit off the tie rod ends. Remember not to hit the tie rod its self, but the big chunk of metal on the spindle where it slides into. Hitting that, causes enough vibration where the tie rod pops loose and you can just lift it up and out of the way.

I really hope this is of help to you, and please, After you rate my service tonight you can come back and ask any other questions you have about this for free and I would be more than happy to help anyway I can!

Thank you!

Customer: replied 11 months ago.

sorry, i mean power steering PUMP not rack.

Expert:  Kurt Kennedy replied 11 months ago.

Oh man haha. I am sorry. Let me get that info for you right now!

Looks straight forward, the only Special service tool they call for looks like a "Crows foot" wrench. I ve done these pumps before, never had to use one its straight forward.


Customer: replied 11 months ago.

ya i don't have a crows foot. If i take take it to a shop how many hours will they charge to do this?

Expert:  Kurt Kennedy replied 11 months ago.

Looks like 2.2hrs of labor, plus there will be some fluid installed. Also, would be a good time to get the drive belt replaced, since there should not be any labor since they have to remove it to do this job.