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Needing help on my nissan titan

Customer Question

Needing help on my nissan titan
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My Nissan Titan 2004 goes into limp mode when I put it into reverse. The service engine soon light and BLSD light comes on only in reverse. I reset the codes and it is fine in drive. The minute I put it in reverse the lights come back on and goes into limp mode. The code is P0605 as well as some type of emission pressure switch code.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The truck sounds fine in drive when it is not in limp mode and I have cleared the codes.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I took it to a mechanic and he thought it was the throttlebody but I'm not sure if that is correct
Expert:  Rick replied 2 years ago.
Hi my name is***** will answer your question the best I can if I have helped please remember to leave a positive rating
It is strange that it is going into fail safe mode only in reverse, because the code P0605 is for a faulty ECM and the only diagnosis for it is to clear the code like you have and see if the code comes back if it does then your supposed to replace the ECM but it only happens in reverse so it makes me think there is some communication between the ecm and the tcm that is causing the problem, I'll post the diagnostic pages of the manual for you to take a look at. I wonder if there are other codes in the TCM or abs that may need to be addressed, the Brake - limited slip differential light (B-LSD ) is part of the traction control and should come on when wheel slip is detected and it applies brake pressure to the slipping rear wheel, it would be helpful if you know of any codes in the abs and transmission
Expert:  Rick replied 2 years ago.
Here are the diagnostic steps for the code P0605
Expert:  Rick replied 2 years ago.
here's the other pages I hope this pqa system is getting very glitchy
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Where do I get codes for the ABS or TCM? The only codes I have got are by plugging the reader into the plug under the steering wheel? The only codes it reads is
P0605, P0453 or P1446/P1447.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The wiring harness that runs along the passenger side back to the taillight was fixed about four months ago. I took the truck to the same mechanic that fixed the wiring and they are saying it is the throttle body sensor. They are saying that they have to replace the whole throttlebody because the sensor is within the throttlebody. I am just curious because there are no codes for throttlebody or anything of that nature and the limited slip light comes on at the same time as the SES light. I did not get any codes about ABS though. The question becomes what in the brake system would be triggered by putting the car in reverse. Does the throttlebody work in that system or is it the transmission or wiring. I also get a code for P1446 or sometimes P0453 dealing with the emissions sensor/canister or valve. .not sure if that is related as well. All I know is the codes are simultaneous. I don't get one without the other anytime I reset it.
Expert:  Rick replied 2 years ago.
Was this harness burned out due the muffler pipe breaking and the exhaust hitting straight up to the bottom of the bed?