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Matt Carey
Matt Carey, Nissan Technician
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1986 D21 pickup: It hase fuel injection..idles rough..hits..acts

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I have a 1986 D21 pickup with a Z24 engine in it . It hase fuel injection. It idles rough worm or cold and when you reve the engine it hits about 3000rpms and wont go any higher it acts like the engine is shouting off and on. it pulls good and runs good when driving but when the ingine hits about 3000rpms it shouts off and on. some one told me it might have a vacumme leak. Ive checked and cant find any thing.
Hi this is MATT. So this problem has been there since the new engine? Is it the same distributor? What was the problem with the original motor? Is the engine light on? Any codes? Check for oil contamination inside the distributor. Give me as much detail as you can, and I'll try to help. Do you have a vacuum gauge? MATT
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I dont have a vacumm gauge but will get one. Yes it is the same distributer, and no engine lights or codes are on. I read some where that you can get the distributer off 180 degreeze. will it still run that whay.

Okay, sorry about the questions, just trying to get all the details, It's tough not being there in person.


So I assume the old motor did not have this problem? ?


If adding fuel doesn't help, then it is probably not a fuel issue, or a vacuum leak. It doesn't sound like the Dist. is 180 out, but it could be off. Did you set the timing with a timing light?


Also does it idle good and smooth? And rev good up until 3000 rpm's? Does it cutt out at 3000 rpm's in park, or only cutt out in gear, under a load? Does it back fire(exhaust)? or pop back thru intake?


Check for spark from both coils at idle. At 3000 rpm's only the intrake coil is firing, so it may be bad. At idle both coils should be firing. It could also be a power transistor.


You say there are no codes, do you have a scanner, or did you check codes manually? All do some research and get back to, try to answer the best you can, THANKS, MATT

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
First off I whant to pay you but cant figure that out yet. To answer your Questions I didnt put this engine in this truck the former owner did. I dont now if the problem exested with the old engine or not. I didnt check the timing yet because I dont know the speckes. this is my first time to work on an import, I dont have a scanner to check for the codes.If what you say is true then if I unpluge the good coil while it is idling it should shout the engine down wright???What you say makes sence. I whant to make shoure you get payed for your serveses. And I truley apresheate the help. Calvin
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
O I for got to ask if unpluging the coil while the engine is running will hurt any thing. how do I check the codes manually. Your answers are comming through my email and thats how im answering you I do not see an eccept button Calvin

Yes you are correct about unplugging the coil, and no it won't hurt anything. let me know what happens, I hope we are on the right track.

As for the "Accept", I think you have to login to just answer.


Timing should be 3 degrees BTDC ( before top dead center) @ 550-750 rpms



Here's some attachments that should explain how to retrieves codes. The ECM is under the seat, and has a green and a red LED on it. Ask me anything you need , I'll do my best to answer. MATT



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