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Chris(aka-Moose), Nissan Technician
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2001 nissan frontier with an ABS light that just WONT go off

Customer Question

2001 nissan frontier with an ABS light that just WON'T go off for more than a few miles, also had it to four different Nissan dealers and NONE could get the rough idle to go completely and none could tell me why the ABS light won't go out.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Jay replied 7 years ago.
Hello and thank you for using

On that year Nissan, I think if I remember correctly, you have to use a jumper pin to the data link connector to put the truck into ABS self diag. Then you will need to count the blinks. I am surprized that none of the Nissan dealers you have taken the truck to could do this. When you first turn on the truck is the ABS light on? or does it come on after you start to move?

Also, those trucks always ran a hair ruff. I would perform a throttle body and injector service to see if that helps.

Let me know about the ABS light and what size engine you have. Thanks Jay!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Most of the time the ABS is on immediately, when it goes off, it's usually after I gas up or put injector cleaner in. I know about making sure the gas cap is on tightly, so that isn't it. I have the supercharged 3.3 V6 SC crew cab. I've gotten into 3 other frontiers that others own and I don't feel the rough idle or any bump. This baby purred until around 5,000 then I had Nissan put a trailer hitch on around the 5,000 mile mark, and they never completed connections on the wiring harness, so I thought that may be it. I had my mechnic (non-nissan mechanic) connect the harness properly and he did a complete tune up and the rough idle was reduced but it's still there.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
you working on this still jay? jack
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Also, I have run Mobil one since the begining and I never put anything in the tank that's not Premium 93 octane.
Expert:  Jay replied 7 years ago.
The ABS light you need to ground pin 9 on the OBD2 data connector to put ABS into self diag. That is how you get the code. I am shocked that a Nissan dealer could no do this, and 4 no less.

As for your running ruff, I would need to use a scan tool to monitor Air and fuel mixtures, 02 sensor reading and so on to see if I find something out of spec. How many miles do you have on your truck now? The 3 other trucks you tested in, were they SC trucks also?

Let me know, Thanks Jay!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Jay I'm in NY weschester, I'll to you in NJ if youre not too far down, which dealer?



Expert:  Jay replied 7 years ago.
Jack, Personal Contact is agaist our terms and service.

Lynnes 07003

Thanks Jay!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
One of the three was an SC but the others were not and the truck only has 49,000
Expert:  Jay replied 7 years ago.
Well, I told you how ABS goes into self Diag. I would recommend you have it checked to correct this condition. ( Still shocked 4 other Nissan Dealers could not do this )

As for the idles ruff, I would have to feel it. I know SC do seem to idle different than the Non SC frontiers. So you can't compare the 2. What service work have you had done to try to correct this?

Let me know, thanks Jay!
Expert:  Jay replied 7 years ago.
I am logging off for the Night. If you have any more questions on this, we can continue this tomorrow when I get home from work. Around 7pm

Thanks Jay!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Jay,

I printed out the suggesttions and I am unsure wether the dealers servicemen tried the techniques you suggested, but I'll bring it into them (or my mechanic) when I go in next. If you have any other suggestions regarding the idle or ABS light issue, I'll try to be logged on after 7 PM and maybe look for you if I don't see an email.

Much appreciated.


Expert:  Jay replied 7 years ago.

The ABS issue, will need to have the code pulled to see what the problem is. So I can't really even give you a guess for that one.

The Idle, do you hear any type of noise at idle also?

Let me know, Thanks Jay!

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