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2002 nissan maxima: a diagram and how to install both belts..pulleys

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I have a 2002 nissan maxima 3.5 engine it has 2 belts what tools do i need and can you send me a diagram and how to install both belts.the second belt is the do you get it off the pulleys and how do you get the 1st one off its pullys?please im desperate.Thanks Pat
Hi, you will need a 14mm and 12mm wrench, 2 long extensions (10" or longer) with a 14mm and 12mm swivel socket and a ratchet to remove the belts. To remove the plastic inner fender splash shield you'll need a 10mm socket with small extension and a pocket screwdriver to remove the plastic clips.

From the top, loosen the 14mm nut on the face of the alternator idler pulley marked with the red arrow in the picture below, then loosen the tensioner slide bolt at that same general area with the long extension and 14mm socket.
Raise the car as high as possible with jack and support it, then remove the passenger front wheel.
Remove the inner wheel plastic splash shield.
Remove the alternator/a/c compressor belt.
Loosen the power steering pump adjuster lock nut using a 12mm wrench, then loosen the power steering pump pivot bolt using a long 3/8" extension with a 14mm wobble socket. (access the pivot bolt from the drivers side toward the back side of the power steering pump)
Now tighten (not loosen) the power steering adjuster bolt to allow the pump to move and provide slack in the belt.
Remove the power steering belt.
Install in reverse order making sure belt tension is slightly more than they were prior to removal. The belts will stretch and loosen after running for a short while.
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