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Jay, Certified Infiniti Technician
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I have another question about Infiniti FX45 engine!! Have to

Customer Question

I have another question about Infiniti FX45 engine!! Have to do valvejob and head gasket replacement, trying to take timing chains/oilpump out without taking engine out, should this be possible?? Or looks like I have to take oilpan out first, because I can't get oilpump out due pickup/strainer is holding it coming out?? Can I take oilpan out without taking engine out?? Any tricks for this, I dont want to pull engine out, if it is not necessary, thanks !!
Submitted: 13 days ago.
Category: Infiniti
Expert:  Dan replied 13 days ago.

Hello my name is***** am an ASE Master Technician and I am glad to help you with your question.

Expert:  Dan replied 13 days ago.

I can send you the steps from the service manual for removing the oil pump if you would like.

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
I have service manual, it really does not tell me, how to take oilpump out, when oilpan is in place, is it possible to do without taking oilpan out first?? Can I take out oilpan, when engine in place, my is , of course, AWD?? Any tricks to do that, lift engine a little first to get more space under, or???I have all information for my car what AllData can give!!!
Expert:  Dan replied 13 days ago.

I will opt out and see if another expert can help.

Expert:  david craig replied 13 days ago.

Hi Im David, allow me to find out that information for you.

Expert:  david craig replied 13 days ago.

you must remove the oil pan to remove the pump. in order to remove the oil pan you must lift the engine several inches.

Remove rear plate cover, and set ring gear stopper (SST).
b. Loosen crankshaft pulley bolt, and then pull crankshaft pulley with both hands to remove it.

Do not remove crankshaft pulley bolt. Keep loosened crankshaft pulley bolt in place to protect removed crankshaft pulley from droppingDo not remove balance weight (inner hexagon bolt) at the front of crankshaft pulley.

9. Remove oil pan and oil strainer.

10. Remove front cover as follows:

a. Loosen mounting bolts in reverse order as shown in the figure.
b. Use seal cutter [SST: KV10111100 (J37228)] to cut liquid gasket for removal.

Exercise care not to damage mating surfaces.

After removal, handle front cover carefully so it does not tilt, cant, or warp under load.

11. Remove front oil seal from front cover using suitable tool.

Use screw driver for removal.

12. Remove O-rings from cylinder heads (right and left bank) and cylinder block.
13. Remove chain tensioner cover from front cover.

Use seal cutter [SST: KV10111100 (J37228)] to cut liquid gasket for remove.

14. Remove oil pump drive spacer.

Set bolts in the two bolt holes [M6 x pitch 1.0 mm (0.04 inch)] on front surface. Using suitable puller, pull oil pump drive spacer off from


NOTE: The dimension between the centers of the two bolt holes is 33 mm (1.30 inch).
In the figure, a commercial steering puller is used.

15. Remove oil pump.
16. Remove chain tensioner (left bank) as follows:

NOTE: To remove timing chain and related parts, start with those on left bank. The procedure for removing parts on right bank is omitted
because it is the same as that for left bank

Expert:  david craig replied 13 days ago.

oil pan removal

1. Remove front road wheels and tires.
2. Remove hood assembly.
3. Remove engine cover with power tool.
4. Remove front and rear engine under covers with power tool.
5. Drain engine oil.


Perform this step when engine is cold.


Do not spill engine oil on drive belts.

6. Drain engine coolant.


Perform this step when engine is cold.


Do not spill engine coolant on drive belts.

7. Remove drive belts.
8. Remove auto tensioner of power steering oil pump belt.
9. Remove power steering oil pump with piping connected, and temporarily secure it aside with ropes or equivalent.

10. Remove A/C compressor with piping connected, and temporarily secure it aside with ropes or equivalent. Refer to ATC-139, Components. See:

Diagrams/Exploded Views/Heating and Air Conditioning

11. Remove A/C compressor fitting bolts, and install A/C compressor temporarily on vehicle side with ropes or equivalent.
12. Remove harness of lower side of oil pan.
13. Remove crankshaft position sensor (POS) from transmission.

Handle carefully to avoid dropping and shocks.

Do not disassemble it.

Do not allow metal powder to adhere to magnetic part at sensor tip.

Do not place sensors in a location where they are exposed to magnetism.

14. Install engine slinger and hang engine assembly to secure position.
15. Remove front suspension member with power tool.
16. Remove front final drive assembly.
17. Remove oil pan as the follows:

a. Remove rear plate cover.
b. Remove transmission joint bolts which pierce oil pan.

d. Insert seal cutter (SST) between oil pan and cylinder block. Slide seal cutter by tapping on the side of seal cutter with hammer. Remove oil


Be careful not to damage the mating surfaces.

Do not insert screwdriver, this will damage the mating surface.

e. Remove O-rings from bottom of oil pump and front cover.

20. As necessary, pull axle pipe from oil pan.

Hold pipes and pull them out to front drive shaft (left) installing side.

21. Remove oil strainer

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
I already knew all that, crankshaft pulley is out, so is oilpump spacer....this is all from AllData, I already have...., I needed to know, if I could get oilpan out, just lifting engine a little, and take grossbar member out?? So I don.t have to lift engine totally out, what a headache, with front CV axels!!! What the stupid design!!!!f I just could pull oilpump out, I could change timingchains, and pull heads off!!! Any other way to do this?? And, where can I get slingers fitting to my VK45DE engine?? Dealer the only place??/ i checked ebay, no luck !!=((
Expert:  david craig replied 13 days ago.

you need to lift the engine enough to clear the pick up and strainer, so no, it needs to come up a lot. as far as the slings, i will need to look around. theres no other way around it.

Expert:  david craig replied 13 days ago.

you really dont need the engine hoist brackets. if you have and engine hoist just use nylon straps and tie them around the manifold tubes. (after disconnecting the manifold at the pipe flange of course)

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
OK, that's what I though too, but, I have to take transmission /separate that from engine, or can I lift engine just couple inches?? Just to get oilstrainer bolts out, open oilpan of course, and do I have to take crossmember out anyway?? How about both CV axels?? Can I leave differential attach into oilpan??? I am going crazy here....all because this stupid oilpickup strainer.......
Expert:  david craig replied 13 days ago.

been there done that. its amazing what you have to do. you dont need to separate the tranny, but you do need to unbolt the mount. you can leave the halfshafts in as long as they're disconnected from the knuckles

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
I don't have to pull axel out from left side/driver site, which is inside oilpan?? Just unbolt left axel from engine site?? Or both axels from knuckle site?? I will change left axel anyway, my concern was, do I have to separate differential box from oilpan, or I can take it down with oilpan?? How about this long axel coming from rear into differential box?? And one more time, take out crossmember or not??
Customer: replied 13 days ago.
what did you mean unbolt tranny mount??? The rear one, just loosen it???
Expert:  david craig replied 13 days ago.

the halfshafts do not go through the oil pan. they go through the transaxle. the axle propeller shaft goes into the rear of the transaxle. that doesnt nee to come out either unless it give you more room. unbolt the tranny mount completely to give the engine/tranny assembly move room to lift.

Expert:  david craig replied 13 days ago.

taking the cross member out will give you more room, so i would do it if it were me.

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
I am doing this in a very tight space, about 18 inches free space both side of the truck...., plenty to go up, but...I don.t want to lift engine complete out, if I don't have to I would think 2-3 inches..., and then take crossmember, and stabilizer bar out, I should be able to drop pan off couple three inches, right??? Even the differential box is still attached into oilpan, am I right?? That damn strainer.....lots of problems because that strainer.....Got engine lift from Harbour Freight, $165 only, now I quess, I need to take it out of box, lift that damn engine 2-3 inches???? Happy Thanksgiving...., anyway.....=)
Expert:  david craig replied 13 days ago.

the oil pan should be able to be unbolted all the way around and seperated from the diff.

Expert:  david craig replied 13 days ago.

please accept the answer and leave a 5 star rating for me if you were satisfied with my assistance. its the only way i get credit for my help. thanks and happy thanksgiving to you also. take a break and eat some turkey.

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
Are you telling me that I can pull oilpan out/down and leave differential in place?? The differential box is attached into oilpan??? 3 bolts??? How about the axel inside oilpan?? It comes out, when I pull oilpan out?? It has to be freed someway, from which side of oilpan?? Thanks!
Expert:  david craig replied 13 days ago.

nothing goes into the oil pan..... you arent going to have bolts going through an oil pan, let alone axles......if its a cast oil pan, then there may be bolts that are attached to it, but not into it.

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
It is a cast oilpan, and I think differential box is attached into it!!! Just loosen the bolts, 3??, and leave differential in place?? my concern is the axel going thru to left side, inside oilpan, how do I pull that out, from where??? it is just not that simple......
Expert:  david craig replied 12 days ago.

loosen the bolts yes. the axle IS NOT going through the oil pan. its going through the transaxle/diiferential

Expert:  david craig replied 12 days ago.

just pull the halfshaft out on both sides, if you are worrired about it. it easy to do.

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
There is #16 "axle pipe" in you oilpan picture, and of course, there is axel inside, transferring power to driver/left side, my question is,: How do I pull that axel out?? From what side, and do I have to pull it out to be able to drop oilpan??? Yes, there is axel inside oilpan.......
Expert:  david craig replied 12 days ago.

what year is the vehicle?

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
I start to panic,...when Infiniti technician tells me there is NO axel inside oilpan....., getting nervous here,...that's why I always ask Jed,...or something like that, at least he knows...., my truck is FX45/2004.....
Expert:  david craig replied 12 days ago.

are you talking about the upper oil pan?

Expert:  david craig replied 12 days ago.

ill opt out cause we arent on the same page here. your making way to much work for yourself my friend.

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
I know I can do it, but surprisingly you guys could not help me..., and you are Infiniti technician....really????? I'll ask Jed...., or just figure it tips today
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
I think his name is*****????? He knows...a lot anyway .....
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
You said: "Upper oilpan"????, OMG>>...........
Expert:  Craig Manning replied 12 days ago.

Hello do you still need assistance?

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
No thanks, ***** ***** David gave up..., waiting to Jay to answer me! He knows...a lot....=)
Expert:  Jay replied 11 days ago.

I will help you with this with the question you asked.