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Team Just a quick question. I suspect my house I purchased

Customer Question

Hi team
Just a quick question. I suspect my house I purchased was a meth house. I had a test done which came up positive, however the readings are below government standards. I spoke to the meth test company and they suggested if I wanted to I could clean the house with simple green detergent and re test and I should see the levels come down further which is what I'm doing.
I asked the owner if there had been any meth cooked in the house and he said no and that the last tenants had kiddies and he believed they wouldn't put the children in danger.
On Friday (27 November) I got a rental appraisal done on my house by harcourts. The agent said she had been in the house before as I tenant before the last one left the property with not notice. When the harcourts agent walked into the house she experienced tingle over her face and started to find it hard to breath. She was with a another person and they were told by her boss to leave at once and shower. She also mention the oven had mounds of white 'stuff' inside. There is a new oven in its place and Owner told me the kids jumped on the door and broke it. That's why it was replaced.
The harcourts agent said Th owner had it cleaned which cost $7000.
My question is; should The owner have given me this information before I purchased and because he didn't and I liable for any compensation as I believe I will have to disclose this information when I want to sell? This will effect the price of the property and I feel as thought I have been mislead. Te Kauwhata
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: New Zealand Law
Expert:  Chris The Lawyer replied 1 year ago.

The testing program will be critical. If you can remove the taint and the next test comes through OK as clear, you should be able to continue to rent. However the previous owner may not have fully disclosed the situation with previous tenants. It could just have been users rather than manufacturing which could have resulted in a positive test at a low level, but none the less this should have been disclosed if the owner knew about this. The issue will be whether he actually knew about the presence of meth. If he knew the tenants had used it in the house then you could claim compensation, but proving his knowledge could be essential to making any claim. You should certainly ask, but if the evidence of his knowledge is weak, you may not be able to press the claim.

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