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I've had surgery on both knees due to meniscus tears,

Customer Question

I've had surgery on both knees due to meniscus tears, cartilage shredding and arthritis. Most recent my left knee on June 2nd and with PT I still am in real pain, my ortho recently put me on anti inflammatory for swelling then if not better injections for 3 weeks. My question is tonight when I took my socks off there was an indentation as if no circulation was happening and pale skin color below the sock line to my foot, a friend said I may have a serious infection. Please advise and Thank you sorry for the length of this!
Submitted: 5 months ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Neurodoc replied 5 months ago.


An infection is less likely from your description.

A problem in the blood circulation is possible, or this could be swelling due to the knee issues.

I would recommend getting back to your treating doctor to find the real reason for these symptoms,

Hopefully, with appropriate treatment, these should improve soon,

Warm regards

Dr. Gupta. MD