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Around three years ago I was working like any typical

Customer Question

Hi there.
Around three years ago I was working like any typical student. I'd always had a sharp shooting pain come and go lasting seconds, never really thought anything of it. I began having dizziness that became bothersome for me to work. Headaches was one of my other earlier symptoms.
I was told by my GP I had an ear infection called labrynthitis and gave me medication to take (prochloperazine). This drug didn't help me, i felt like a zombie. This medication if I'm right, should only be prescribed for an ear infection for a certain length of time?. I was continued on this drug for months.
After months of know answers headaches getting excruciating, near pounding threw my skull, taking the same drug (prochloperazine). I asked my doctor to examine my eyes more as I was worried the pain in my head was more than just headache. I was referred to MRI, scanned 3 times and they found what was explained to me as a Hamartoma, in my brain. It's been two years from my first symptoms started happening and they've gotten progressively worse over time. I know get the headache all on (my) right side of my head, my arm and leg feels like it goes weak or as if it's heavy (on my left side) I also get tingling (on the left arm&leg) from time to time. Now all these symptoms don't happen all at once, sometimes I'll have a headache with sore eyes and visual & disturbance. Other times I could get the body symptoms, without the headache.
My eye on my right side drops down when I get the sensation in my brain, my doctor recently has told me it is a form of tic. I've seen people with tic's before and I just don't think this is one.
I have never had a written diagnosis. My GP has always just said that I've had Migraine with Aura, I've recently been doing my own research to get more information about it and there is other forms of Migraine which I wasn't aware of. Hemiplegic Migraine stands out to me as something similar to migraine with aura, I'm wondering is Hemiplegic Migraine just another name.? If you have any advice Or opinions, I'd really appreciate it.
Thank you for your time
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Neurology
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I failed to mention the current medication I an on which is topiramate 75mg along with sertraline 150mg and I have been advised to take rizatriptan 10mg if I experience my symptoms, especially my headache.
Expert:  khagihara replied 1 year ago.

Hemiplegic Migraine is one of migraine subtypes. It is a rare disorder. If so, you should take verapamil or acetazolamide as the preventive medications. if they don't work well, you should try lamotrigine. If it still doesn't work well, you should try to take amitriptyline, topiramate , to valproic acid. Although data are scant and conflicting, we suggest not using beta blockers, triptans, and ergotamine derivatives to treat patients with hemiplegic migraine because of theoretical concerns and anecdotal evidence that these medications may lead to ischemia.