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A few days ago I had a very unusual injury occur. I was

Customer Question

A few days ago I had a very unusual injury occur. I was shoveling at the beach for about 3 hours straight. Later that evening I noticed my upper arm was twitching mostly in my deltoid and tricep area. The twitching went on for about 60 minutes, when a
sharp pain began to follow in the same area. As the night went on, it became very intense. At that time i didn't have any issues moving it. I took 600 mg of ibuprofen and a heating pad was the only thing to bring significant relief. The next day I had minor
pain and it just felt really sore. Its about the 4th day, I viturally have no pain, but in the area I do have a numbness feeling and it does tingle a bit. For the range of motion for my arm is ok. I mean i can move it in all directions but one. I cannot bend
my elbow down when my arm is extended outward. If you were to imagine measuring someones wingspan then having them point their forearms towards their feet while their elbows are pointed outward. I can't do this movement with that arm. I'm currently out of
town in a very small community so my options here are very limited.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. Ravoof replied 1 year ago.
Dear customer,
There are basically two possibilities. One is that these symptoms are due to a compressed nerve root. This needs to be looked into by your doctor. Please read the below linked article to know more about the tests and diagnosis required:
Next possibility is that vascular occlusion may give rise to these symptoms of tingling and numbness.
Hence you need to be seen by your doctor and probably a physical therapist to relieve your symptoms.
Take care.