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Dr. David
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Customer Question

Good morning
My father had a stenosed basilar & carotid . He discovered these in his 60s .
Since about 2 weeks he had a stroke but fortunately he had injected with TPA within 45 min . & thanks God he is now fine .
But when i was with him today at the neurologist clinic to check him up . I heared the Dr told the nurse about another patient that untreated stenosed basilar can cause vertigo or dizzness .
My question :
I am always anxious about my health .
I sometimes feel vertigo or dizziness when standing up from a seat or sleep position . It lasts for a seconds then i become very normal .
I always work out & all my cardio exams are very fine . Thanks God .
But his talk is ringing my ear that it may be a stenosed artery that cause for me this vertigo . I know that i may amplify it as I am suffer from the fear of illness & i hate doing exams & medical tests . As i fear to death .
I am on Natrilix SR (diuretic) & Lipitor 10 for Cholesterol.
I have a cervical disk protrusion C5 & C6.
Can i have the same fade of my dad but in this early age ?
What can cause this vertigo when standing up ?
How to prevent myself from the strokes & clogged arteries?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.
This is Dr. David

your symptoms don't sound like stenosis of your carotid artery

it sounds like you are having very mild slight temporary drop in blood pressure when you stand up.

this is very common to have sudden short term dizziness if you stand up too quickly.

the best way to prevent blockage of your arteries is to exercise regularly and don't smoke and keep you cholesterol down and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. being a vegan would be best for your arteries.