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Dr. Bob
Dr. Bob, Neurologist (MD)
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I bruised the nerve in my wrist a few years ago. A couple days

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I bruised the nerve in my wrist a few years ago. A couple days ago I hurt it while carrying out trash. At first the pain was as bad as it was when I hurt it before(going up my arm) but now it's just my wrist and hand that hurts. Any ideas? Causes? Suggestions?

Dr. Bob :

Hello. When a bruised or otherwise injured nerve heals, it often heals incompletely or in a dysfunctional way. This can predispose the nerve to further injury or firing inappropriately when it is struck even in minor incidents such as you describe.

Dr. Bob :

In such a case, however, we would not expect the pain to last very long. The myelin sheath around the nerve (it's insulation) may simply need to be repaired to stabilize the nerve

Dr. Bob :

What part of the hand hurts? And do you have any weakness in the wrist or hand?

Customer: No weakness. Just s
Customer: It hurts down my thumb and finger.
Dr. Bob :

More the back of the hand or the palm side?

Customer: Back of hand
Dr. Bob :

That would be the radial nerve. You likely have a sensory neuropraxia.

Dr. Bob :

Neuropraxia is a type of peripheral nerve injury, and is known as the mildest form of nerve injury. It is classified as a transient conduction block of motor or sensory function without nerve degeneration.

Customer: i didn't actually hit it on anything. Possibly twisted it a little or something not sure.
Dr. Bob :

Full recovery in the case of neuropraxia (within a period of weeks to months) is the rule.

Dr. Bob :

If there was no obvious injury, you would have to consider a tendonitis or tenosynovitis of the thumb and finger tendons.

Dr. Bob :

This is pretty common in those who do a lot of fine motor tasks with the thumb and forefinger, including computer work.

Customer: I was carrying a bag of trash and when I went to put it in the dumpster the bag hit the front and rolled over the top of dumpster.
Dr. Bob :

That could have caused a traction injury of the nerve or the tendon.

Dr. Bob :

Either way, the treatment is rest, ice 3-4x per day, and an anti-inflammatory 3-4x per day.

Dr. Bob :

Sometimes a wrist splint can be very helpful in stabilizing the wrist so that further energy does not go into the nerve or tendon while it is trying to heal.

Customer: Ok thanks.
Dr. Bob :

You're welcome. Hope all works out for the best.

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