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i am 59 year old female with "electrical" buzzing at the base

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i am 59 year old female with "electrical" buzzing at the base of my skull when i turn my head to either side especially when my head leans alittle to the back. Ialso get dizzy when this happens and nauseous. i have had it a few times during the past five years but this time it is more severe. i also get a little tingling in both hands, mostly ring and pinky fingers. No weakness. one time i did the eply maneuver and it worked but not other times and not this time. Xanax has helped in the past but i don't have any anymore. i do take zoloft ,200 mg, and welbutrin daily but didn't take it the past few days ( ran out on vacation). i have had this condition the past 2 days and I can't do much or i get very dizzy and nauseous. i am an L and D nurse but fear i can't work like this. The Buzzing is worse this time too. I do have tinnitus n both ears that i try to ignore. I describe what I hear as crickets and it is similar to the buzzing I mentioned earlier. The Buzzing when I turn my head that i have now .is much louder, though. When I was about 27 i had a terrible bout with dizziness that they said was viral after eliminating worse causes. i am in good health, no problems and very active normally my only chronic problems are depression/anxiety controlled with meds and menopause for which i take femhart
Welcome to Just Answer. I am an Adult Neurologist and was contacted to answer your question.

Hello. My suspicion would be that the buzzing you hear with extension of the neck, with that mechanical quality of turning your head, it all sounds musculoskeletal, where the muscles at the base of your skull, the cervical muscles like the scalenes, and levator scapulae, are tight and in spasm, and radiate a tightness which can cause this type of tinnitus. I would suggest valium rather than xanax to relax those muscles, and I feel the fact you are off your xanax is probably the relevant factor.

I do not think this is another episode of viral labrynthitis, although I cannot be sure here online. A neurologist or ENT would be looking at your eye movements, and the range of motion of your cervical spine. I do not think the epley is going to help you in this situation, you might try a cervical massage or some other method, like muscle relaxants, cyclobenzaprine, or tizanidine in a low dose, but I think valium might work better.

Please get back to me with questions if I can help Dr Frank T
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I like the answer. What about tingling in fingers? Is there a type of dr to go to for Valium?
The tingling in the fingers is part of the whole neck problem. the ring and pinky in both hands are the lower cervical roots, at the base of the neck, which no doubt has some degenerative changes, which are accentuated when your neck is stiff. Without hand weakness, I would not consider any aggressive treatment. Any doctor can prescribe some valium for you , if you have a psychiatrist for the antidepressants, you could ask for valium, 5 mg tabs as needed for muscle spasm/tinnitus.
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