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hi, im 21 year old female. Had a heart ablation two years ago. was

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hi, im 21 year old female. Had a heart ablation two years ago.
was in car accident 8 months ago had no major problems with mri head scan and blood work. Two months after accident had stomach inflate as if pregnant but am virgin which lasted 2 months. Currently for past 3 months i had vision and hearing problems , major headaches , and most of all that bothers is severe numbness or muscle loss. It started off mild with not being able to move body and feel as if drowning, my mind feels as if things move very slow or five minutes seem super fast, the car headlights are super bright..whenever i go outside an drive i get numbness... Now it is difficult to stand up hands , legs , and chest feel numb as if i cant move it when i pinch. Please help, what do you think it is coming from? is it a virus, or the heart( heart failure) , or perhaps from car accident a brain injury like an enlarged tumor ? what causes the body to numb so bad all over on any parts of day... neurology?.
Thank You.

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I am an adult neurologist and will try to answer your question

neuromd2012 :

Hi. the symptoms you describe, especially the numbness all over your body, the light bothering your eyes, and the problems that occur when driving, in the face of a car accident, suggest PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder, and I would ask you how you feel internally, is your heart pounding? mind racing? in those instances?

neuromd2012 :

This is highly unlikely to be a brain tumor, it could be a type of seizure, such as a temporal lobe seizure, where instead of losing conciousness and falling to the ground in convulsions, you can have "out of body experiences" feelings like you are drowning. As you have had a normal brain MRI scan, I would still suggest you see a neurologist about an EEG or electroencephalogram (brain wave test) to see if there are any abnormal electrical discharges from your temporal lobe area.

neuromd2012 :

I would ask if anxiety, especially when driving, or in a car, plays a part in your symptoms???

neuromd2012 :

please get back to me when online to discuss further, or rate my service if satisfied.

neuromd2012 :

Dr Frank T

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello, i basically flew out of the car into the concrete and lost my memory and had concussion. days after i felt great. Now since September i get random numbness in body like after i take a shower i get out, i dont even drive that much cause i cant feel my foot at times. In those instances i dont have my mind racing actually my ablation for tachardia fixed that issues. I start to forget stuff like i put the ice cream in the sink and cars seems to drive slower then usual, five minutes seems slow or forever. Sometimes i get flowng black dots but thats probably from retina. Especially since september i get huge headaches. Im just worried its my spine or neck I just want that numbness to go away and months pass seems it doesn't. Maybe i have nerve peuropathy or spine pressing on nerve but that i read only would numb one particular area i have the whole body. Couple days ago my right eye drooped smaller and i had huge headache. Shaking my hands sometimes doesnt make numbness go away.

Hi. Well that sounds like a vascular migraine with the drooping eyelid, and the huge headache on that side. You can have a variety of symptoms associated with that type of headache, like numbness all over your body, or dizzyness, or weakness or even a change in conciousness. You do not have symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, and at your age that would be unlikely. The slowness of cars really goes along with PTSD, and I would ask you if you have discussed the psychological trauma of this accident with anyone? In terms of this headache, if they are happening all the time, depending on your cardiac ablation, I would suggest you ask your cardiologist if you could go on a tiny dose of Inderal (propranolol) for migraine/anxiety symptoms. Like Inderal LA 60 mg a day. Please get back to me to discuss this further if I can help, or rate my service if you can. Dr Frank t
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I feel like I did go through PTSD. But I tried to wait months for this numbness go away an it's getting worse. Maybe Ts fluid in brain or spine . Perhaps it's from my heart lack of good blood flow maybe I just have weak heart.
I cannot exclude a heart issue, but none of this sounds heart related. I would also not worry about fluid on your brain or spine. Diffuse numbness is common in situations of acid/base disturbance, such as from anxiety, where nervous tension can accelerate your respirations and cause this change. The heart can also play a role if blood pressure or perfusion is low, but I do not think your cardiologist would let you go in that type of situation. And without a loss of conciousness, the heart's effect on the brain is limited. I hope that I was able to give you some direction. I would use counseling as a diagnostic tool, if you improve with therapy for your MVA experience, I think you have recognized the problem, if not, then I would say to go and see a neurologist for an EEG and a consideration of medication for migraine. Dr Frank T
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The thing is since After accident my heart rate and blood pressure for 21 old been low. Pulse 54 and 80/47.
Even when I get caffeine or exercise. The thing is before my accident let say I partied, an I started passing out an heart hurt lost consciousness then I crashed car an er came. But I don't think it's possible to e dead and re live and then is have dead brain cells not numbness
If I understand you correctly, you are thinking you have enough dead brain to cause bilateral diffuse numbness all over your body. To do that with a brain injury, you would also have problems with your environment, unable to communicate, unaware of your environment, talking, walking. You are exercising, so I would suggest not to worry about a brain injury causing your entire body to be numb. It really isn't possible, numbness is too organized to be entirely wiped out in brain trauma without significant impairment. Dr Frank T
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Have you ever had any patients complain what I am of numbness muscle loss in body after a vehicle accident ? Why did I develop numbness months later after crash I don't get
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I've done Zoloft for last two months didn't work. What can remove this numbness
In patients that have had a severe whiplash or cervical compression injury, I have seen evidence and complaints of numbness, excluding the face, and weakness/spasticity in the arms and legs from neck injuries. These patients are in wheelchairs sometimes with bladder catheters. Again it spares the face. If you feel this did come on after the car crash, you need an MRI of the cervical spine to look at your spinal cord, for lesions. It is difficult to give you more specific information without a neurological exam, but a neurologist could help you to sort this out. Dr Frank T

In terms of the numbness, maybe I would change you to Lexapro (escitalopram) 5 mg starting for 2 to 3 weeks, then up to 10 mg.
Dr. Frank and other Neurology Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Well I flew out of car with no seatbelt an landed on concerts in my back . Had concussion . An even days later when I was out of hospital in car everything was dizzy. Numbness started four months after crash. And even when watching TV I'm relaxed ill get body numbness for hour excluding face. It doesn't affect me that much to point of wheel chair but I had urinalysis retention where I couldn't pee and I think that's Brian signal . What is a lesion ? That is what would cause this ? Are those people in wheel chair for life and wouldn't I feel lesion? Also are there any cancers like bone that you might know that cause this numbness
HI. I would need a rating for my previous work, and we could continue. Dr Frank T
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok rated done
HI. well given the mechanism of your injury, and the facial numbness you describe, coupled to the bladder complaints, I would want to know about your craniocervical junction. You have had an MRI scan, but maybe it missed a change you could have at that level. You could have a dynamic scan of the craniovertebral junction, to exclude a chiari malformation. This could also be a reason for your severe headaches, your hearing loss, and dizziness. So I would suggest an MRI of the Cervical spine to exclude a chiari malformation or some suggestion of cervical stenosis. I do not think you could have bone cancer as from these symptoms without severe weight loss. Please get back to me with questions if I can help. I will leave you a webpage on chiari malformations, look at it and get back to me to discuss. Dr Frank T
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi I meant to say I get numbness but not in face . They did MRI scan wih contrast after accident so ur saying I should ask spinal a brain without contrast . My main question is I just don't understand what causes that muscle loss numbness for five minutes or less several times a week.. Walking watching TV after shower.. I means is it deadly ? Along with the nightly headaches an droopy right eye.. I don't get what is being pressed or forming to feel that I can't move body for minuetes..
HI. yes a cervical spine study without contrast if you have whole body numbness. The headache with a droopy right eye can be a sympathetically mediated headache, from the internal carotid artery irritation. but the loss of muscle for 5 min several times a week I cannot explain here online, and I would encourage you to find a neurologist for an examination to exclude a right side horner's syndrome. The loss of muscle strength also cannot be explained here on line. Dr Frank T
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks know any good neuro in houston texas
the best neuro in Houston texas is Dr James Grotta, who is the chair of Neurology at Univ of Texas Health Sciences Medical Center? some thing like that. hang on

Especially given your history of cardiac issues, this guy is the best at looking at cardiac/stroke related illnesses. With your history, even though you had a very traumatic injury, you have been stable for 8 months, correct?? I would just think you would need to exclude a syncopal or heart related cause for these transient attacks. This would be the guy for that. Please get back to me to discuss this further if I can help Dr Frank T
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Well thank u for recommendation. Honestly, a month after the accident I was laying an my heart had a Wierd electrical beat that seemed that it stopped for a minute an I think it's like you said brain currents after accident. I also had atrial fib an low white cells I believe after accident. Anyways, I'm just hoping this 5 minute numbness is fixable by surgery or something cause Tylenol or Zoloft doesn't help, better go soon since I've had for months an hasn't disappear could even paralize I hope it's like a spine lesion that can fix surgically an is be better
good luck to you, get back to me if you see Dr Grotta or one of his associates and have questions ok? Dr Frank T
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
And another thing I noticed is when I get this numbness spells I can't feel my pulse as well as it is when body isn't numb .. Especially on neck .. How come u think ?
Hi. Well hard to give you an answer from here. If your "pulse pressure" drops at the carotid, you usually get much more than numbness at the level of the neck and down, like a change in level of conciousness, but this could be an autonomic response from the neck injury, it is effecting your sympathetic nervous system, clamping down your carotid artery. You should mention it to the neurologist, and they may do a tilt table test on you, to check your sympathetic nervous system function. I would mention it as well to the cardiologist, but I expect he will think it is not significant, for the reason I described above. Dr Frank T
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I really like how ur knowledgable , this weekend I got constant headaches and I noticed a new thing. I was watching TV an the people's mouth moved slower then words coming out it just visually looke Wierd an I had horrible tight headache what is that? Thirdly after acciden I had my lower stomach inflate for three months! Dot have sex so I was pregnant but I sure looked like it! I had chills an even till today I feel chills an I'm wondering maybe I have some unknown viral attackin immune an brain system that's causing numbness an chills. Is there any like polio ? Any ideas why stomach was inflated hugely daily for three month like kid in Africa is that heart failure or brain related or liver enlarged
HI. What you are describing with watching mouths move out of sync with your sound perception is probably a part of migraine, which is what you were having this weekend. I don't know why your bloated, in women, that is usually water weight during menses,or something hormonal. I would not worry about your brain too much, try to have some fun ok?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Just feel horrible huge headache ,nauseus suddenly high fever an both my eyes shrunk in so looks like sunken an swollen. Yah can u believe it, I was all normal an the stomach bloated daily as if four months pregnant with extreme pains thought it was hiv checked that and cysts nothing then suddenly dissapeared, although My cycle was all abnormal but since I'm celibate was very Wierd! An heart failure is more ontop of abdomen an wouldn't disappear it be constant till heart fails. Forgot to say my accident was in may well in August I was standing in kitchen talking to dad an leaning on granite top well, that's when it started I didn't have headaches but everything got numb I thought I was flying an about to fall cuz couldn't feel sensation then it came back what happens one day well I was out in a restaurant an the numbness came on I was embarrassed I almost couldn't stand up could be multiple sclororoiss ../
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Your reall smart . Noticed actually when went out again I get numbness when going outside .. Can people be allergic to like air ? As Wierd as it sounds
Hi. A very common symptom is bronchospasm, a reactive airway disorder that is linked to asthsma, you are not allergic to air, just the temperature of the air.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Temperature of air hmm, I did have hyper inflated lungs whatever that is an extremely high with a crackle in right lung.Also, E globulin level in 1231s. I also take dulera an xoponex and still get that numbness. When out last night again had painful headlights and in daytime black tiny dots scrolling left to right in my eyes.
yes. so what you are describing is bronchospasm, or reactive airway disease, and if you use your inhaler, it should improve. All of this can be a source for "meningeal" pain, or head pain with light bothering your eyes, and seeing floaters, etc. It really is not a direct neurological disorder, but an effect of the increased allergic response.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Sorry what is best Inhaler for that? Well they did say if lay flat an have trouble breathing that's heart failure problems .i get that. An I herd floaters are behind retinas . Could be after accident .
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Keep getting chills for four months already that come for hour an disappear as well as constant headaches at night for two months . Maybe it's virus if not head tumor
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hey there I'm feeling super bad now deciding go to er or not. I was loosin my hearing two days on off suddenly go bad numbness an couldnt breathe my heart started irregular beating but most of all this numbness an I feel like its some infection in body like flu or whatever that's causing numbness cuz it feels like body doesn't flow . If its viral or swollen infection can that cause numbness loss of sensation or maybe I have swollen cyst on spine but how would that make me feel hard to breathe help!
HI. Just got back from the office, so what is going on? you sound like you need to go, but I ask from here could it be a panic attack?
get back to me Dr Frank t
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hey there. No not panick. Hearing been horrible couple days I can hear other person talk just not myself so well. Then the numbness has been gone two days came back today an body feels like it has infection or flu like I just felt like elephant stepping on entire body I feel as if maybe I have swollen cysts near ovaries and an infection spread to bloodstream an that's why I'm felt icky an that caused lungs to affect breathing . A head problem o spine just can't seem to affect the body like that so I feel lack bloody flow an icky my feet today were cold and blue for thirty minutes
hi. sounds like you need to be seen ok?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
What u think it is
I really cannot localize your problem from here. That is why you need to be seen, icky feet, lost circulation, like an elephant sitting on me? No real idea to that, that is why I think you should call your doctor.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
U know I also remembered months ago when this numbness an stuff all started I remembered other symtolms I had. I had yellow like vision meaning things seems yellow like object an outside then in weeks that dissapeared an one night had headache an my vision was off like lookin at my fingers the fingers were huge.. What is with the head seem like that vessel headache stuff or what's with the color change an fingers an objects seeming enlraged
HI. I really cannot say why you have visual hallucinations. I would ask you to see a neurologist for an exam, and a review of your MRI of the brain. You may need an EEG to exclude seizure like activity in the temporal lobe as a result of your trauma?? Dr Frank T
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes at first I think it was hiv or jaundice with the vision but then the enlargement I mean would growing rumors from accident cause this ... Do u have any patiens with those symtolms ? I wonder what in the head is wrong still waiting for appointment
no, not HIV or jaundice, the only patients that witness these events have temporal lobe partial seizures. So you might consider an eeg with the neurologist. The visual symptoms could have been part of a seizure disorder. Dr Frank t
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks doctor I've just been super bad an sick days I feel like I'm dying I have horrible dreams on heaven an I feel lol I'm getting tired daily year after year my heart hurts I don't think ablation helped I'm like giving up other people feel like 20 after surgery I feel like 70 mentally an physically .
On another note if I do have frontal love seizures is that surgery or medicine to fix if ? My cardiologist suggested I do a BNP test brain peptide again this year since I'm ill... Heart always hurts under rib age an feels as I or will stop. An mother note I think I did have a stroke or seizure after accident cuz I felt of of space and couldn't feel my chest I fel like I was in heavan an Wierd must been stroke
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Actually with these headaches doctor I've been horrible bone pain aswell like the inside what is that bone marrow cancer? An hurts all over arms legs an I do excersise and eat well . Scared :-/
Hello. I would not think you have bone marrow cancer only because you have been followed by doctors, and I expect you have had many blood tests checking your CBC. So try not to worry and be scared unnecessarily.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

well honesty the last blood work was done only last june after car accident an i already had low white cells, any meaning to low white cells? i need to go re do it soon again the blood work.

HI. A Low WBC count can be normal, the important aspect of a low count is the differential, if that is normal, then you don't have any major illness. I hope I was able to answer you questions. Please rate my service if satisfied. Dr Frank T
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi so again just wondering (1) if I have fluid buildup from accident in brain or something would I be able to walk ten months around with itor not(2) am I able to get sudden fluid after accident(3) if I'm having constant headaches , vision problems numbness can I have formed a tumor in ten months and does tumor cause chills on an off feel like I'm dying (5) still go out an drive an take my inhaler breath but get severe muscle loss wat the heck is it?! If its sitting position I'd get it elsewhere... Right
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Sorry kind a have emergency question last night I was going to bed and when I closed one eye it wa normal an saw black and white colors when I closed left the other eye saw things orange and darker please help wat does this mean reina or tumor ?!
Katy, you sound like you are having a panic attack. Can you see someone about the problem ?. You are not having a tumor, or a problem with your retina, as these problems don't come and go in seconds. try to stay calm ok? Dr frank T
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hey no I've been for help on attack an took Zoloft . Anyways , I sill havnt been able to see the neurologist but I still have insane headaches an light changes sometimes feels like toxic shock attacks an still go outside drive car an get sudden numbness muscle loss where I feel I can't even stand up myself to hold myself
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
This week I had nauseau everyday day with insane headache an sometimes wake up at night like floatin headache numb is it tumor cancer ? Wats with headache nausea
Hi. I think this is probably consistent with migraine. Unlikely to be a tumor, nausea comes from irritation of the coverings of the brain, as happens in migraine.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yah but migraines wouldnt be causing this hearling loss eye brightness and body numbness....

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yah but bright headlight an numbness is not migraines ...:-:
hi. I am not sure, why can't you have that with migraine?
here is a webpage on some of the common variants of migraine, which include hemiplegic migraine, basilar or vestibular migraine, migraine with numbness, language dysfunction, seizures, etc.
I don't know what you cannot have with migraine.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

and then what about days when i dont ahve migraine but numbness cuz im worried it wont pop up in MRI anything but ill still ahve this numbness could it be from the SPINE and i need a spinal tap or neck ?


Hi. you would have to rate my service if you wish to continue with this discussion. I would be glad to discuss your case, do you have any lab findings you can paste into the window that suggest an abnormality? I assume your brain MRI has been normal, please let me know. Dr Frank T
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi there no I still have done MRI . But I've had insane headache for four days that won't go away with any pills an still numbness it feel like in middle ontop skull.. Maybe I have subdural hematoma cuz of this numbness
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi I will pay tomorrow but please help out I've had a headache every day for ten days already with body loss numbness an limbs . I still have not done MRI . This headache is in middle back of head where I hit it bad after car accident last year. I'm scared I'm thinking its tumor . Not a migrane cuz those r painful an in front. If not tumor what else has this long head pain ?!