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Dr. Garg
Dr. Garg, Other
Category: Neurology
Satisfied Customers: 45
Experience:  Neurologist. Expertise in MS, Dementia, Parkinson's Disease, Stroke, Peripheral Nerve Disorders
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I'm having seizures that look like I"m having a stroke..Do you know what kinds of seizures are these..or is it something else Im at a nursing center to get rehab for getting strength back..It's been happening when I sleep and and constant auras..I don;t have a warning..this has been going on for yrs..I was told they were hemi-plegic migraines,T.I.A. It's a mystery for my health team

Dr. Garg :


Dr. Garg :

I would wait for the 24 hour EEG results

Dr. Garg :

Seizures and strokes can mimic each other to a certain extent

Dr. Garg :

if you're having some or no loss of consciousness, these may be simple partial versus complex partial seizures.

Dr. Garg :

Have you tried any anit-seizure medication for this?


A doctor put me on Phenobarbital while in the hospital..My doctor mentioned they wanted me too stop it.

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