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my wife was in an auto accident last year. damaged disk 5 and

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my wife was in an auto accident last year. damaged disk 5 and 6 i think. she was given therapy and a cervical epidural. she has been ok until 3 days ago. she rolled over in bed to get her water and her neck popped. she has pain and cant feel her right arm at all. we went to the hospital and they did an mri and ct scan which they both came negative. my thinking is when it popped, a nerve was caught and cut the feeling in her right arm. they put her on steriods and today is day 3...but no improvement. what do we do? could a chiropractor do an adjustment and free her neck?

Is good that they got the MRI of the cervical spine which did not show any significant issues. This essentially rules out a herniated disc causing a "pinched" nerve.

I'm not sure spent seeing a chiropractor would be beneficial for her symptoms. However given that her MRI and CAT scan were both negative, he may not her to try a chiropractor for an adjustment. Any of her symptoms may be musculoskeletal in nature. However right arm numbness does tend to suggest I nerve issue although the MRI of the neck seems to rule this out.

Should her symptoms continue, further evaluation by physiatry as or neurologist may be helpful in trying to figure out where her pain and numbness or coming from. Symptoms have persisted for more than 4 weeks can be further investigated with EMG and nerve conduction study test.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

is there any danger of her arm or tissue being damaged from no feeling?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Relist: Incomplete answer.
his typing was all over the place and very hard to understand...please submit my question again because i am at a loss...