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My right foot and ankle is swollen and hurts on the inside

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My right foot and ankle is swollen and hurts on the inside ankle area. I cannot remember hitting anything that would cause this and it has been this way for 3 days now. Any suggestions. I can get into an urgent care in the morning, or make an appointment with my doctor during the week but was hoping to find something that could help me a little tonight. Thank you.

Well, swelling in an area typically occurs as your body's response to injury or inflammation.

Injury can cause this, but of course, you can't remember injurying it or hitting it against something. Infections can cause inflammation and swelling. Inflammation of tendons can cause this as well.

Using cold packs can help to limit swelling. Taking medications such as Advil or Aleve may be better than tylenol for the pain -- and will also act as an anti inflammatory medication (Tylenol is not anti-inflammatory).

Elevating feet is important.

Other testing would have to be done by your doctor, which may be to examine the ankle, xrays if a fracture is suspected, or other specific tests depending on your exam.
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