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DrBrain, Neurologist
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what is the best spinal surgery to fix an impinged c6-c7 when

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<p>what is the best spinal surgery to fix an impinged c6-c7 when you can't take steroids or NSaids (stomach) due to begnin hyperplasia of the pituitary gland resulting in brittle hypothyroidism and premature ovarian failure and highly sensitive to medication and products</p><p>the neurosurgeon  is recommending a cage</p><p>where would you go for the surgery? </p><p> </p>

BrainyDOc : You can have a discarding with anterior cervical disc fusion if the spinal canal is also narrowed.
BrainyDOc : Sorry not discarding but a discectomy

the surgeon is suggesting going through the left front of my neck to reach the right side where the nerve is impinged and replacing C6 C7 with a cage, my fear is the steel in my body, my spine is completely straight with no curve to the lumbar region due to a headinjury 20 yrs ago, i also have FM and want to know if there are less invasive txmts ie laser? i have extreme pain in my teres muscles and he is also suggesting i have my shoulder re-examined


also my husband is a surgeon so he says my risk factors are greater.......i have had several RFA proceedures to my lumbar region (with relief) and one to my right cervical without relief, decreased range of motion to bilateral arms and difficulties with using my left arm, and hand with out great pain


i will go anywhere

BrainyDOc : You can have a laser neck
BrainyDOc : Laser neck surgery can be considered if you have failed for traditional physical therapy and medication.

what does a laser neck mean and where would you go

BrainyDOc : You can go to laser spine institute.

do you mean tampa and what are their outcomes

BrainyDOc : Contact info : 1(NNN) NNN-NNNN/span>
<span class="JA_chatAuthorName"Customer:

are there other locations that take insurance that are better than tampa

BrainyDOc : minimally invasive, outpatient procedures that require much less recovery time than traditional open back surgery and outcomes are better but also depends from patients to patients
BrainyDOc : I don't have idea what insurance they take as I cannot access this information. You can contact them directly.
BrainyDOc : There are many locations besides tampa.

which place has the best reputation i do live in florida near tampa

BrainyDOc : Tampa, FL3001 N. Rocky Point Dr ESuite 185Tampa, FL33607
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