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Bizhelp, CPA
Category: Multiple Problems
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42) From its 32 regions, the Federal Aviation Administration

Resolved Question:

42) From its 32 regions, the Federal Aviation Administration selects 5 regions, and then randomly audits 20 departing commercial flights in each region for compliance with legal fuel and weight requirements. This is __________.

A. stratified random sampling
B. cluster sampling
C. simple random sampling
D. judgment sampling

43) William used a sample of 68 U.S. cities to estimate the relationship between Crime (annual property crimes per 100,000 persons) and Income (median income per capita). His estimated regression equation was Crime = 428 + .050 Income.

Assuming b1 is significant, if Income decreases by 1000 we would predict that Crime will __________.

A. increase by 428
B. increase by 50
C. decrease by 50
D. increase by 500

44) A financial institution wishes to estimate the mean balances owed by its credit card customers. The population standard deviation is estimated to be $300. If a 98 percent confidence interval is used and an interval of ±$75 is desired, how many cardholders should be sampled?

A. 3382
B. 62
C. 87
D. 629

45) Thirty patients are selected from a filing cabinet containing 812 patient folders by choosing every 27th patient folder. Which sampling method is this?

A. Simple random sample
B. Systematic sample
C. Cluster sample
D. Stratified sample

46) Which of the following statements is true?

A. If A and B are independent events, the P(B) = P(A) P(B).
B. The sum of two mutually exclusive events is one.
C. If event (A) occurs, then its complement (A') will also occur.
D. The probability of A and its complement (A') will always sum to one.

47) Sampling error can be reduced by __________.

A. none of the these affect sampling error
B. utilizing simple random samples
C. increasing the sample size
D. decreasing the sample size

48) Companies using lean systems generally have:

A. suppliers who are low-cost producers.
B. suppliers that are willing to accept short-term contracts.
C. many suppliers to ensure that material shortages never occur.
D. suppliers that are located nearby to decrease delivery lead time.

49) Which one of the following statements concerning production and staffing plans is best?

A. Aggregation can be performed along three dimensions: product families, labor, and time.
B. A staffing plan is the intermediate link between the business plan and the master production schedule.
C. Production plans are based primarily on information from the master production plan.
D. A master production schedule is a projected statement of income, costs, and profits.

50) While glancing over the sensitivity report, you note that the stitching labor has a shadow price of $10 and a lower limit of 24 hours with an upper limit of 36 hours. If your original right hand value for stitching labor was 30 hours, you know that:

A. the next worker that offers to work an extra 8 hours should receive at least $80.
B. you can send someone home 6 hours early and still pay them the $60 they would have earned while on the clock.
C. you would be willing pay up to $60 for someone to work another 6 hours.
D. you would lose $80 if one of your workers missed an entire 8 hour shift.

51) In an activity-on-node [AON] network, the nodes represent ____________, whereas the arcs represent ____________.

A. activities; time
B. activities; precedence relationships
C. events; activities
D. precedence relationships; time

52) Which one of the following statements about managerial inputs to production and staffing plans is best?

A. Finance provides labor and machine standards.
B. Human resources provide the training capacity and labor-market conditions.
C. Marketing provides new product or service developments.
D. Materials provide the current staffing level.

53) A set of programs that enable the hardware to process data is _____.

A. hardware
B. software
C. database
D. procedures
E. network

54) Which of the following are disadvantages of the buy option for acquiring IS applications?

A. software may not exactly meet the company’s needs
B. software may be impossible to modify
C. company will not have control over software improvements
D. all of the these are disadvantages
E. software may not integrate with existing systems

55) Various organizations that promote fair and responsible use of information systems often develop __________.

A. a code of ethics
B. a strategic plan
C. a mission statement
D. a goals outline
E. responsibility charters

56) Which of the following is not a source for external data?

A. commercial databases
B. corporate databases
C. sensors
D. government reports
E. satellites

57) Success in the _____ phase of the decision making process results in resolving the original problem, and failure leads to a return to previous phases.

A. implementation
B. choice
C. design
D. intelligence
E. consideration

58) Which of the following are not provided by digital dashboards?

A. Drill down
B. Transaction processing
C. Status access
D. Exception reporting
E. Key performance indicators

59) The management cockpit best exemplifies which type of system?

A. Decision support system
B. Digital dashboard
C. Functional area information system
D. Expert system
E. Group decision support system

60) _____ is the efficient and effective execution of specific tasks.

A. Operational control
B. Strategic planning
C. Expertise
D. Management control
E. Wisdom

61) _____ is a process that helps organizations identify, select, organize, disseminate, transfer, and apply expertise that are part of the organization’s memory and typically reside inside the organization in an unstructured manner.

A. Discovery
B. Decision support
C. Online analytical processing
D. Knowledge management
E. Data mining

62) A company wants to use data from past promotional mailings to identify people who would likely respond favorably to future mailings. This company would most likely use _____.

A. structured query language
B. neural networks
C. expert systems
D. multidimensional data analysis
E. data mining

63) Which of the following best represents operating income?

A. Income after financing activities
B. Income from capital gains
C. Earnings before interest and taxes
D. Income from discontinued operations

64) Exchange rate risk:

A. arises from the fact that the spot exchange rate on a future date is a random variable.
B. has been phased out due to recent international legislation.
C. applies only to certain types of domestic businesses.
D. doesn’t affect trades made in US Dollars.

65) Dublin International Corporation’s marginal tax rate is 40%. It can issue three-year bonds with a coupon rate of 8.5% and par value of $1,000. The bonds can be sold now at a price of $938.90 each. The underwriters will charge $23 per bond in flotation costs. Determine the approximate after-tax cost of debt for Dublin International to use in a capital budgeting analysis.

A. 5.1%
B. 8.5%
C. 6.0%
D. 9.2%

66) At what rate must $400 be compounded annually for it to grow to $716.40 in 10 years?

A. 6%
B. 7%
C. 5%
D. 8%

67) Forward rates are quoted:

A. in direct form and at a premium or discount
B. daily
C. by the FDIC
D. in an indirect form
E. on financial statements

68) Tri State Pickle Company preferred stock pays a perpetual annual dividend of 2 1/2% of its par value. Par value of TSP preferred stock is $100 per share. If investors’ required rate of return on this stock is 15%, what is the value of per share?

A. $37.50
B. $16.67
C. $15.00
D. $6.00

69) Which of the following represents an attempt to measure the earnings of the firm’s operations over a given time period?

A. Balance sheet
B. Quarterly statement
C. Income statement
D. Cash flow statement

70) Which of the following best represents the stream of income that is available to common stockholders?

A. Net profit after tax and after preferred dividend payments
B. Operating profit
C. Gross profit
D. Earnings before interest and taxes

71) According to the hedging principle, permanent assets should be financed with _____ liabilities.

A. permanent
B. fixed
C. current
D. spontaneous

72) What is the yield to maturity of a nine-year bond that pays a coupon rate of 20% per year, has a $1,000 par value, and is currently priced at $1,407? Round your answer to the nearest whole percent and assume annual coupon payments.

A. 5%
B. 11%
C. 12%
D. 14%

73) Bell Weather, Inc. has a beta of 1.25. The return on the market portfolio is 12.5%, and the risk-free rate is 5%. According to CAPM, what is the required return on this stock?

A. 20.62%
B. 15.62%
C. 14.37%
D. 9.37%

74) PepsiCo calculates unlevered betas for each peer group in order to:

A. eliminate different business risks.
B. eliminate different financial risks.
C. eliminate judgment factors.
D. eliminate competitive factors.

75) At 8% compounded annually, how long will it take $750 to double?

A. 6.5 years
B. 12 years
C. 9 years
D. 48 months
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Multiple Problems
Expert:  Bizhelp replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for requesting me.

I am working on these 34 questions. If you have a time limit, please let me know how much time you have left.

Also, thanks for the ratings and bonuses on the other questions. Although, I would normally request more for these 34 questions than the price listed, I will do these since you have given me bonuses.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok I will make it worth your while in a nice bonus. I have about 30 mins left if you are able to assist. I also still have more questions after that if there is time.

Expert:  Bizhelp replied 3 years ago.

Sorry, there are a few at the end I was not able to get to in time. Let me know if you still need those.

Please click here to download the answers.

Hope this helps!
Bizhelp, CPA
Satisfied Customers: 5882
Experience: BA degree and Certified Public Accountant
Bizhelp and other Multiple Problems Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes i would still like them please. I also have another ten questions and that is it if you have time. I only have another 20 mins left tho.

Expert:  Bizhelp replied 3 years ago.

could you post the other 10 questions? I am having trouble answering the ones I skipped above.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

88) Which of the following terms need not be disclosed under Truth-in-Lending Act?

A. The annual percentage rate (APR).
B. The cash price of the product.
C. Amount of payments.
D. The terms available from competitors.
E. The total finance charge.

89) Which of the following receives at least some protection under the U.S. Constitution?

A. Obscene speech
B. Offensive speech
C. Neither obscene speech nor offensive speech

D. Both obscene speech and offensive speech


93) What was the holding of the U.S. Supreme Court in its 2000 decision regarding a Massachusetts law affecting firms doing business with the nation of Myanmar (formerly Burma)?

A. The state of Massachusetts was prohibited from conducting business with firms based in Myanmar.
B. Massachusetts was acting properly within its power in limited sales only within Massachusetts of firms conducting business with Myanmar.
C. The state of Massachusetts was ordered to not discriminate against firms from Myanmar.
D. The Massachusetts law prohibiting the state government from purchasing goods or services from firms doing business with Myanmar violated the Supremacy Clause.

94) An agent’s obligation to perform in accordance with the terms of the agency arrangement is the agent’s duty of:

A. Obedience.
B. Performance.
C. Nonbreach.
D. Indemnification.
E. Loyalty.

95) For which of the following kinds of intellectual property is a filing or registration required in order to receive protection?

A. Copyrights
B. Service marks
C. Copyright and Service marks
D. Trademarks
E. Patents and Trademarks

96) A “closely held corporation” is a corporation that is owned by:

A. A large number of members of the public.
B. A few shareholders, usually family members.
C. A nonprofit organization.
D. The government.

97) What makes a publicly held corporation different from a public corporation?

A. A publicly held corporation has many shareholders rather than being a corporation owned by a governmental entity.
B. They are two terms that have the same meaning.
C. A publicly held corporation must have a charitable purpose, but a public corporation need not have a charitable purpose.

D. A publicly held corporation is entitled to limited liability, but a public corporation is not.


98) Although the U.S. has had a longstanding agreement with _____ after the passage of NAFTA, _____ became the United States' second largest trading partner.

A. Canada, Mexico
B. Great Britain, Paraguay
C. Mexico, Venezuela
D. Canada, Venezuela
E. Mexico, Canada

99) One study found that manufacturing labor costs about _____ an hour in China, compared to _____ dollars in the United States.

A. About $2; about 15
B. Less than $1; about 40
C. $2; about 25
D. Less than $1; about 15
E. Less than $1; about 25

100) Which country does the text describe as becoming the largest producer and consumer of many of the world's goods?

A. Canada
B. Ecuador
C. China
D. Japan
E. Mexico

Expert:  Bizhelp replied 3 years ago.

Are we out of time? I'm sorry I don't think I can finish these.
#89 is B.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok, well thank you for your assistance. You were wonderful.

Expert:  Bizhelp replied 3 years ago.
Thanks for your understanding. I wasted a lot of time on #65. I came up with the answer to be 7.2% which is not a choice. I have re-checked my figures and that is the correct answer (see below link to Excel). You may want to ask your instructor about the data in this question.

Please click here for the details.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I will thank you. May I still give you a bonus?

Expert:  Bizhelp replied 3 years ago.

That's OK, you already gave me a bonus for this post and I appreciate it. I believe only 1 bonus per thread can be made.

But if you need any help in the future, you can request me by putting "For Bizhelp" at the beginning of your question(s).

Have a great day!

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