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Multiple Problems

11. Which of these statements best reflects Meads concept

11. Which of these statements... Show More
11. Which of these statements best reflects Mead's concept of the generalized other? A. Most of us learn our social roles from watching what other people do.
B. Anyone Jane doesn't recognize as a significant other, she considers a generalized other.
C. Ike has an overall understanding of the norms and values of his culture.
D. Jake imagines what it's like to be firefighter and decides he would like to be a firefighter.
12. The variable in a hypothesis that precedes or causes a change in the other variable in the hypothesis is
called the _______ variable. A. dependent
B. sample
C. control
D. independent
13. Lucinda has recently moved to the United States from Colombia. Her children no longer speak Spanish and are learning to live like American children. Lucinda's children are experiencing
A. ethnocentrism.
B. cultural relativism. C. assimilation.
D. multiculturalism.
14. Regarding consumerism, which statement is most accurate?
A. Advertising is so pervasive these days that it has only a marginal impact on consumer purchasing decisions. B. As consumer debt has increased, family purchases have declined proportionally.
C. As women increasingly joined the workforce, families tended to buy more consumer goods.
D. Consumerism is a form of economic cultural diffusion.
15. The transmission of culture from one person (or generation) to the next is dependent on A. natural human instincts.
B. the human capacity for language.
C. the human capacity for creating and using technology.
D. a large brain.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Multiple Problems
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replied 4 years ago.

WebLaw :

thank you for directing your question to me. I am working on your answer

Ellen, Doctoral Degree replied 4 years ago.
Here are my answers for comparison with your own:

11 .Ike has an overall understanding of the norms and values of his culture.
12 independent
13 assimilation.
14 Consumerism is a form of economic cultural diffusion
15 the human capacity for language.