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1. Which one of the following is an example of an oratorio? A.

Customer Question

1. Which one of the following is an example of an oratorio?
A. The Four Seasons
B. Cantata no. 97
C. Messiah
D. Coronaton of Poppea
2. When two voices sing exactly the same note simultaneously, the voices are singing
A. in unison.
B. a capella.
C. a doto.
D. a cadenci.
3. The two basic forms for vocal selections in operas are
A. binary and ternary.
B. solo and duet.
C. tonic and atonal
D. aria and recitative.
4. What is the musical term for a prescribed series of pitches that step upward and downward?
A. cadence.
B. meter.
C. scale.
D. measure.
5. Who wrote Don Giovanni?
A. Haydn
B. Handel
C. Mozart
D. Beethoven
6. A group of instruments or voices with similar timbres within the ensemble is the
A. orchestra.
B. voicing.
C. tenors.
D. section.
7. The pitch produced by a clarinet is modified by the use of
A. slides.
B. mutes.
C. keys.
D. reeds.
8. A/An _______ is an unstaged opera on a sacred topic.
A. oratorio
B. coronation
C. chorus
D. cantata
9. A short, catchy motif that forms the memorable core of a song is called the
A. hook.
B. label.
C. line.
D. chord progression.
10. Tony says that a distinguishing characteristic of the Stradivarius violin is the nature of the wood from
which it's made. Shin Lee says that it's the shape of the f holes that gives the instrument its distinct
characteristic. Who is correct?
A. Only Shin Lee is correct.
B. Only Tony is correct.
C. Neither Tony nor Shin Lee is correct.
D. Both Tony and Shin Lee are correct.
11. When the singers and band repeat a basic section of music while the lead singer improvises on a single
motif, the result is called a
A. groove.
B. twist.
C. vamp.
D. hook.
12. Which composer drew heavily on northern European mythology, including many of the same sources
used by J.R.R. Tolkien in his Lord of the Rings?
A. Verdi
B. Wagner
C. Berlioz
D. Vivaldi
13. The rhythmic feature of Chuck Berry's "School Day" is
A. honky-tonk.
B. harmonic ascent.
C. anacrusis.
D. the wall of sound.
14. What musical form is defined as a poem set to music?
A. Fantasie
B. Lied
C. Impromptu
D. Episode
15. A _______ is a type of folk song that tells a story.
A. ballad
B. hoedown
C. canon
D. broadside
16. An example of African American syncretism is
A. treble singing.
B. a capella chorale.
C. call-and-response.
D. rhyme singing.
17. The dactylic meter of poetry corresponds to the _______ in music.
A. measure
B. bar form
C. triple meter
D. duple
18. According to your textbook, which composer is considered to be the most controversial composer who
ever lived?
A. Beethoven
B. Verdi
C. Cage
D. Wagner
19. Verdi uses three distinct types of melody in La Traviata, Act 1: declamatory, virtuosic, and
A. twelve tone.
B. lyrical.
C. staccato.
D. ostinato.
20. The principal form of Chinese opera today is known as
A. wuchang.
B. jinghu.
C. suona.
D. Jingju.
21. The instrument that can create sound digitally and can mimic other instruments by adding partials to the
fundamentals is the
A. synthesizer.
B. organ.
C. waza.
D. oscilloscope.
22. A synthesis of Chinese musical elements and European-American idioms is found in
A. Tan Dun's "Farewell."
B. Cherry Blossom.
C. The Reunion.
D. Glass's Etudes.
23. Notes in a major key are considered to be _______ notes.
A. happy
B. flat
C. bland
D. sad
24. Which one of the following represents the most important element of sonata form?
A. Doctrine of affects
B. Use of Latin texts
C. Use of word painting
D. Development of themes
25. In music, the Italian term for "loud" is
A. mezzo .
B. forte.
C. fortissimo.
D. piano.
26. The music of the Baroque period is usually characterized by
A. clarity and lightness.
B. restraint and reverence.
C. extravagance and ornamentation.
D. simplicity and elegance.
27. The combination of antecedent and consequent units that make a larger whole is called the
A. full cadence.
B. periodic phrase structure.
C. theme and variations form.
D. punctuation.
28. Julio wants the chorus to sing a section of music very softly. What will Julio write in that section to
convey his wishes?
A. mp
B. pp
C. p
D. f
29. _______ is designed for performance in an intimate setting.
A. Opera buffa
B. Chamber music
C. Symphony
D. Opera seria
30. Alphonsus wants to include unified timbre in part of his cantata. How will this be accomplished?
A. The orchestra will play in unison while the chorus sings in harmony.
B. The violins will have a solo and will all play harmony notes.
C. The chorus will sing in unison while the orchestra plays an accompaniment.
D. The instruments in the orchestra will play the same notes that the chorus is singing.
31. Which one of the following composers sometimes featured American folk melodies in his
A. John Coltrane
B. Charlie Parker
C. Xavier Cugat
D. Aaron Copland
32. "Erlkönig" is one of the hundreds of songs written by
A. Schubert.
B. Haydn.
C. Chopin.
D. Schumann
33. The Renaissance period in musical history lasted from about
A. 1450 to 1750.
B. 1650 to 1750.
C. 1425 to 1600.
D. 1500 to 1789.
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