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Jeff Policky
Jeff Policky, Motorcycle Mechanic
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I have a 2000 Yamaha Kodiak with electrical issues. When I

Customer Question

I have a 2000 Yamaha Kodiak with electrical issues. When I shift into park or neutral the corresponding lights do not always come on. Sometimes I have to shift in and out of neutral numerous times before it will engage. I replaced the neutral position switch and the park position switch, but now I get no light at all in either of those positions. The reverse light has come on consistently all the time. What do I look at next.
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  Louie replied 9 months ago.

Hi Jeff and welcome to JustAnswer,

Thank you for the question and your patience. Should you still need assistance for information purposes only...

Initially, have you tried?:

  • • test if the wires to neutral switch and the park switch carries +12V;
  • • check/clean the engine and frame ground strap/wire.
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
No, I have not checked for +12 V to the switches yet. Roughly where will I find the ground strap?
Expert:  Louie replied 9 months ago.

Yes please; if not in park and/or not in neutral, there would be a +12V on the wires to the switches respectively.

The ground strap/wire would normally be black. First check and trace/follow the big wire from the battery's - terminal.

Please post back results / observations of the above once checked.

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
I am not currently working on the ATV. I am inquiring from a different location. How long do I have to check this out before I pay? Believe me I will be more than happy to pay the agreed $24 if your answers help to solve my problem.
Expert:  Louie replied 9 months ago.

I understand and no prob.

Post back with an update on these checks when able. I would then be prompted to view and reply.