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My husbands Royal Star/Venture was put in Yamaha service center

Customer Question

my husbands Royal Star/Venture was put in Yamaha service center to get new tires and replace an O ring,that was 9 weeks ago we still haven't gotten it back.The bike is 5 years old with 110,000 miles on it,first they told us they had to order the O ring,that took 2 weeks to come,then they told us they had to order the tool needed to replace O ring,that took another 2 weeks,then they told us the bike would shut off in 2nd gear,they said we needed a new fuel pump,another 2 weeks to come,then they said they did'nt get the kit to replace the fuel pump you guessed it another 2 weeks,today I called to see how things are going,mechanic said they took it for a test run and it ran good until it hit 4th gear than it bogged down,in 5th gear it shut off,he said he does'''nt know what the problem is,he called Yamaha main center and they gave him different things to try,none worked.We are really upset over the whole thing we never had any problems with the bike,we bought it brand new from another dealer.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  Jeremy R. replied 1 year ago.
Hi, My name is***** you for letting me try and assist you with your problem.
What is the O-ring for?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
he had an oil leak
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
they called it a gaskic
Expert:  Jeremy R. replied 1 year ago.
I'm sorry but it sounds to me like you're getting jerked around.
And I have no idea why.
Have you by chance went in and seen the bike in this time?
Seems to me they could be hiding something??
You need an oil change and an oil leak repaired.
That should take no longer than 1 day if the engine needed pulled to do the repair.
I can understand it taking 2 weeks if the o-ring was backordered and something you can't just order from O-rings R us or whatever.
But honestly I've been a mechanic for over 20 years and have never heard of a special tool needed to install an o-ring.
Any mechanic with 6 minutes of experience can tell you that a bike shutting off only in 2nd gear is not going to be a fuel pump.
If it was the fuel pump it wouldn't run at all.
I find it extremely odd that it just magically started running bad after an oil change.
I hate to say it but I would recommend you go have a look at your bike.
Something sounds extremely fishy.
If you have any further questions please ask. I'll be happy to answer them.

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