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My 2005 Arctic cat atv will not start. At first the start button

Customer Question

My 2005 Arctic cat atv will not start. At first the start button would not work then trying to start it useing the pull cord would not work. All the fuses are good. Can any one help.

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  Richard replied 6 years ago.
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Richard G. :

Welcome to JustAnswer, my name isXXXXX am I speaking with ?

Richard G. :

Will it run over at all ?

Richard G. :

Sorry about that it was a typo: I meant to say will it turn over at all with the starter ?

Richard G. :

Has this ATV been sitting or in storage for morethan a few weeks without being ridden ?

JACUSTOMER-40qwug7c- : Has been sitting about a month but only after not starting. When I push the start button it does nothing. If I pull the rope to start it does nothing
Richard G. :

IS there anylights or anything on ?


Richard G. :

I would check the battery voltage with a voltage meter should be 12.5 volts atleast with theigntion off.

Richard G. :

I would check the fuses with a meter to make sure it is not blown. Sometimes a visiual inspection doesnt work.

Richard G. :

Then I would check the connections of the battery ground first to and from battery. Then each side of the starter relay.

Richard G. :

If all that failed I would look towards the auto parts store to load test my battery.

Richard G. :

Do you have a voltage meter to make soime checks ?

JACUSTOMER-40qwug7c- : Lights and all readouts work fine. The battery is fine.
Richard G. :

i need the reading

JACUSTOMER-40qwug7c- : I replaced all the fuses with new ones
Richard G. :

What about that voltage reading, I need the exact voltage off the battery in order to diagnose everything else.

Richard G. :

Do you or not have a voltge meter ?

JACUSTOMER-40qwug7c- : No
JACUSTOMER-40qwug7c- : I do not have a voltage meter
Richard G. :

Im sorry I cant help you with out a voltage meter. I only can give you some checks without it

JACUSTOMER-40qwug7c- : I was sent an e-mail asking to accept this answer. But I have not received an answer only questions and a I can't help you.
Expert:  Richard replied 6 years ago.

Locate the red wire coming fro the battery follow it, that is your starter relay.


Locate the starter and follow the red wire, that should also run you into the starter relay/


Use a piece of wire and bridge the 2 red wire together and let me know if the engine turns over.