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Customer Reply

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
i have a 1996 kawasaki zx6r and the oil is either leaking or burning off. i would like to where to find the dipstick(if any) and where the put the oil. i jus purchased the bike yesterday.
Expert:  .... replied 9 years ago.

On the right lower engine case cover or clutch cover, you have a sight glass, that is where you check you oil level. There is a high & low mark, check the bike upright on level ground, it helps to have a buddy hold the bike up. If the window is not clear or you can not see air above the oil than you probably have too much oil in your bike.

Directly above that on top of that cover there is an oil fill cap, oil goes in there, NEVER OVERFILL YOUR ENGINE OIL.

The drain is on the bottom of the case.

Use quality oil, a Kawasaki oil filter and; if you plan on working on your bike a lot, I highly recommend purchasing a Kawasaki Factory Service Manual for your reference library. It will pay for itself.