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Need to install rear vent window in my 2002 lancer. Do I

Customer Question

Need to install rear vent window in my 2002 lancer. Do I need to and how do I remove the window divider?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 1 year ago.


The rear vent windows are pretty easy to change on this model as they are not adhered in or anything, just compression fit. They sometime stick from age but otherwise are not too bad to deal with.

You first need to remove the door panel. There is a philips screw in the pull pocket to remove (a small plastic cover hides it, if it is still present) and a philips screw holding the release handle trim bezel. There is also a philips screw on the top front corner and top rear corner of the panel, both hidden by screw caps.
With the four screws removed, use a flat screw driver to gently pry the trim bezel off the release handle, prying on the top and bottom of the pivot section to release it.
If you have crank windows, you will need a window crank retainer tool to pull the retaining wire out of the crank handle and pull the handle off. If power windows, you are ready to remove the door panel.

Insert a flat screw driver behind the door panel along the bottom and pull to pop the panel loose... it is just snapped in with plastic fasteners at this point... then lift it off the door frame. Leave the harness plugged in as you will need to operate the window.

Pull the weather sheeting back to expose the openings in the door frame, then slide the window down until you can access the bottom of the glass. There are two 10mm bolts holding the glass to the regulator on the bottom center of the window. Remove these, then drop the regulator down all the way.

Lift the window up and tilt it forward to get it out of the track, then lift it out of the door entirely, exiting on the outside of the door frame.

With the window removed, grab the rubber glass run that the window slid in and pull it out on the back edge (you can leave the top/front installed).
The rear glass track now needs to be removed. Looking on the bottom lower edge of the door frame you will see a lone 10mm bolt, remove this. Looking at the bottom 1/4 of the door inner structure you will see another 10mm bolt along the same path as the glass track, remove this. Pull the rubber weather strip off the very top of the door along the window frame and you will expose a single philips screw, remove this.

You can now take the glass track out of the door. The window is now loose and can be gently tugged out of position... it will bring the rubber gasket that goes around it with it. When installing the new window, transfer your old gasket over to the new glass.
Then reinstall in reverse order.