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HELP! I HAVE A MITSUBISHI LANCER GTS . IT IS AN 2008 . It was driving fine. I parked it and went to start it again , when it started it would not idle right. When I put it in gear it just try to die. I took it to shop and they said they cleaned the throttle body and cleared the codes .. But it still doesn't work and the charged me 250 dollars. A new throttle body from Mitsubishi is 700 dollars, but I'm afraid to buy one and that not be the problem ... Is there anyway to know exactly whats wrong with it

If you press the gas pedal down can you keep the engine idling that way?

What fault codes were set before and have they returned?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Yes but it will only rev up to 2500 rpm

How about the faults, do you know what they were?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I don't know what faults are
When you had the shop look at it before, did they print on the receipt anything like that or "codes" etc? They would be in a P#### XXXXX if they did.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Nope. Just charged me 269.00 for taking off throttle body and supposably cleaning it. I guess put it back on an said nope won't work .
Thanks. It's really crummy that they charged you even telling you that they didn't fix anything, that's just awful.

Can you provide your VIN and your current mileage?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Really , that's what I thought. Should they have put it on a diagnostic machine? Because I will go back and ask them how they knew it was the throttle body.

There really isn't any valid reason to think cleaning an electronic throttle would have fixed it not revving passed 2500 etc, it is clearly being "turned off" at that point.
I would hope they would have scanned the fault codes to see what they were if they erased them.

Can you double check that VIN is correct as "JA3AU86U0BU013335" ? It is pretty important as there is a large number of these 2008's that have special warranty provisions that could apply to you.

Perhaps the B is an 8?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Unfortunately this is not in the extended warranty batch (only a certain version sold in certain states receive the extended warranty).

This is however one of the early models that had lots of problems with the throttle bodies failing. I would suspect we probably had a P2100 or similar fault in the computer.

In this instance you need to update the software in the computer and replace the throttle body with the new style unit. The updated throttle is a bit more money ($850), but combined with the new software you won't have a repeat performance.
You can buy the throttle online from Mentor Mitsubishi and get it for 25% off, bringing it down to $640... I know it isn't a lot better, but it is a small savings anyway. The updated part number is 1450A101.

Personally I would probably want to verify the faults myself, however given the codes being set, the throttle in fail safe (minimum revving allowed), the recommendation to replace the throttle, and your vehicle being inside the early batch (20,000 cars made after yours before the new throttle came out)... I'd say it is pretty safe to say the throttle is going to need replacement as expected.
You can get a used throttle body for it for a bunch less of course, however given the nature of the 2008s throttles being common to fail, it would be a risk that you get one that is bad or soon to fail. And in that instance, it would have to be pretty cheap to justify the risk.
If you go with the proper updated replacement, remember that it needs the software update to work properly, any dealership can do this for a half hour labor charge.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Can the throttle body be put on separately and then take it to the dealer for a software update...I'm confused about how the software update happens
Absolutely, just don't drive real far as the software is calibrated to the new throttle so it would not be wise to put it on then update the software next month or anything like that. It will not be operating at maximum efficiency to say the least.

Normally I would say to check your connections on the throttle for damage etc, but given that it was just removed, that makes it pretty unlikely that this is anything other than the typical throttle failure.... again verifying the fault codes would help reassure that too.

The software is in the computer, and it updated through the Mitsubishi scan tool. If you reference the following bulletin: TSB-07-13-008 they should be able to pull it up and know exactly what you are talking about. The software in these cars are updated in one shot.... meaning any further updates after the one referenced above will all be performed too, so you will be at the latest software revision even though it is a 5 year old update that matches the new throttle.
The software can not be updated without the car present, and there is no (realistic) way to do it without a dealer.... the components required to perform the update cost several thousand dollars and is not a smart investment for a shop that doesn't work on Mitsubishis alone, unfortunately.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Okay please be patient with me

1. Buy updated part 1450A101
2. Put it on at home , after inspecting connections for damage
3. Take to dealer. Get them to update the computer software ( the computer is in my car engine )
4. Bulletin TSB-07-13-008
And it should be good

Oh after putting the throttle body on at home is it going to run and be drive able. The nearest dealer is 45 miles away. Or should we just tow it tovdealer
No problem at all.

That's pretty close, I would adjust it as follows though (simply due to the large cost of the part):

1) Have fault codes checked again to make sure throttle related codes are set
2) If so, double check the wiring for damage etc
3) Buy updated part 1450A101
4) Put it on at home
5) Take to dealer for software update. You can reference the bulletin, but again since the updates are all inclusive, when they hook up to it the computer will update to the latest level which will take care of it.

The computer is located under the hood by the air box, but that doesn't really matter as it is programmed through an electrical connector inside the dash.

The throttle body will need to be replaced as follows:

Disconnect negative battery cable
Replace the throttle body
Reconnect the negative battery cable
Turn ignition key to On, wait 5 seconds then turn Off
Turn ignition key to On, wait 5 seconds then turn Off
Turn ignition key to On, wait 5 seconds then turn Off

The throttle will operate safely after that, again provided there was nothing external affecting the situation (the reason to have the faults and wiring checked etc).
It's a tough call being that far from a dealer, as you never want to go on speculation when talking about a $500-1000 repair... but on the other hand the circumstances do make a pretty solid case as it is anyway. If the dealer were nearer (<20 miles, I would say it would be worth a tow to have them verify the condition/faults/wiring/etc. Being 45 miles away though, you could easily be up to $200 for a tow.... then if the dealer will only charge you retail for the throttle and you may be forced to tow it back... you could easily waste a lot of money that way.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
On the receipt it says..... SET KEEP ALIVE MEMORY ....88.00$.....
One more thing who will check fault codes
That usually means that they supplied power to the car while th e battery was removed so that your setting are not lost (radio, clock, etc).

Given what you've told me about this shop, step one needs to be never go back there again. Most shops would do that throttle cleaning for $50-75 depending on their labor rate... that is just crazy.
If you can get the car to an auto parts store, most of them will read the fault codes for free (they hope to sell parts). Autozone and Advance Auto are both ones that do this, often OReilly will as well. The older brands (NAPA, Carquest, etc) don't typically do this however.