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How can you reset check engine soon light in 2003 mitsubishi galant?

Resolved Question:

how can you reset check engine soon light in 2003 mitsubishi galant?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 6 years ago.

Unhooking th e negative battery terminal for 1 minute will turn the light off, however if you still have a current problem with the vehicle, the light will come back on, either instantly or within a few drives, depending on the fault.

Your best bet is to take the vehicle to an auto parts store that can scan the computer for you for free (AutoZone, Advanced, O'Reillys etc) and get the code number (P0000 format) for the fault(s) that are set in the system, and from there you can evaluate what needs to be repaired/replaced, if further diagnosis is required, and if the repairs are critical or not, in case you decide you do not want to do them.

Unplugging the battery to clear the light alone will not allow you to pass your emission test -most likely- either. While you failed because the light was on, many states/counties will not only require the light to be out, but also all of the "readiness tests" be complete during inspection. The reason for this is the readiness tests will be "failed" if there is a problem, turning the light on. This way you can't just remove the bulb from the light to pass the test, the readiness test check prevents this from being used to cheat the system.
You can try it, if your county only does a visual on the light you would be OK, however I wouldn't risk it, especially if your county has either a significant testing fee or a limited number of attempts per timeframe etc.

If you can provide the code #s that are set in the system, we can look into this further, but otherwise... yes unhooking will clear the light, no it won't stay out or likely allow you to pass your emission test.
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