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Mitsubishi Eclipse where is the crankshaft position sensor

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where is the crankshaft position sensor on a 2002 eclipse v6. how complicated is it to change.

Doug C :


Doug C :

The crank position sensor on the V6 Eclipse is located at the bottom front of the engine. In order to replace it, you need to remove the front engine belts, covers, crankshaft pulley and timing belt.

Doug C :

This is not a suitable job for a do it yourselfer unless you are very comfortable with timing belt jobs. An incorrectly installed belt will destroy this engine

Doug C :

If you are getting a code for high output, this is usually indicative of a breached wire;

Doug C :

You might want to look down the front of the engine (the crank sensor wire runs straight up the middle) and see if there is any damage to the wiring

Doug C :

Sometimes if these aren't tied up nicely, particularly after timing belt or water pump replacement, etc, the drivebelts will cut into the crank sensor wire and cause this fault


i thought maybe it was a broken wire. the serpentine belt snapped about two weeks ago and it has had probloms idling and shifting ever since. the check engine light allso came on, i just had a chance to scan it today. i will check the wires tomorrow.

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