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I have the same issue - RE code 2B and sep code JKN after

Customer Question

I have the same issue - RE code 2B and sep code JKN after nearly a year of service in the USAF all in tech school waiting to learn Russian as a linguist. Afterwards, I have a bachelor's w/ a GPA of almost 4.0, full ride in law school, a 3L w/ a 3.56 GPA, 3rd in my class, and on law review w/ no other legal issues since my separation when I was 19 - now 31 - is JAG something that I could even do, or is it too competitive that the stigma associated w/ my previous service would weed me out?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Military Law
Expert:  Allen M., Esq. replied 1 year ago.

While joining as an officer is not technically enlistment, the codes you reference are considered a bar to reenlistment.

That would require a waiver from the TJAG for you to be able to join, for any branch of the service. Now, having had to have a waiver myself for other reasons, I will say that if they want you badly enough, they'll make a way. That being said, my need was based on an age issue and not a misconduct separation.

The current application process for joining the service as a JAG is stringent and very competitive. Statistically, it's been harder to get into the JAG of any branch for the last few years than in getting into many Ivy league schools.

It is fair to say that your former service issues would be a major hurdle and, with the military shrinking right now, one that I would think insurmountable.

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