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How difficult would it be to upgrade my discharge? I was discharged

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How difficult would it be to upgrade my discharge? I was discharged 39 years ago. I had a undesirable discharge at that time. There was a lot of reasons why.
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Unfortunately, given the amount of time that has elapsed, it would be highly improbable to be able to have that overturned.

The best opportunity to upgrade a discharge is through the discharge upgrade board, but that can only be done within 15 years of the date of discharge. After that 15 years, you can't use DD Form 293 and that process any longer.

You'd have to use the DD Form 149 military records corrections board, which is much more difficult. There, you can't make the regular arguments for upgrade such as the passing of time, positive life changes or the need to remove the discharge as a stumbling block to further development.

The only things the board for military corrections reviews are issues where the record is actually incorrect or where the basis for discharge was an injustice (one example is obvious discrimination based on race in the decision to discharge).
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